Saturday, November 03, 2007

No pictures from Halloween!

I forgot the camera so one of these days I'll have to dress Oliver back up in his little costume and get some pictures. He was the absolute cutest lion ever - he even had a ferocious roar. Ok it wasn't was adorable. Anyway, we went up to Kyle and Cindy's to hand out candy and hang out (and EAT candy) and they convinced us to take Oliver around the block once to get some candy. Even though he doesn't EAT candy he still came home with a pretty good bit of it, most of which we've already eaten. He did get to try a little bit of Snicker's (not the nuts, though) and some Whoppers. He did so well not being scared of people when we went out but he only roared at one person. Oh well, he's 1, what did I expect?

I still think Trick or Treating is weird though. I mean, don't we tell our kids NOT to take candy from strangers? Yet an Halloween we go door to door with them so they can ask for Candy From Strangers. Hmmm, kinda contradictory? I think so!