Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wyatt's 2 month appointment

Wyatt had his appointment today at 8:30. We almost missed it because we were so tired that we slept til 8! I think we set a record getting out of the house. Anyway, he's 12 pounds 11 ounces (75th percentile) and 24.5 inches (90-95th percentile) and I don't remember his head measurement but it was in the 25th percentile. (tall chubby boy with a tiny head) Everything else was right on schedule - he's following the light, he's cooing and smiling, he's grabbing and holding. She said his heart and lungs sound good; I guess he didn't get the murmur like Oliver had. When it came time for his shots we told her we were only getting 2 of the 4 that are scheduled for that age. She told us they don't do that anymore - all the kids at their practice get their shots on the government recommmended schedule because some people didn't follow up and get the ones they skipped. We went ahead and got all the ones for today but I guess now we have to figure out if we want to stay with them or switch to someone more flexible.

Overall Wyatt is doing really well!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Howdy, Pardner!

Wyatt got dressed today in his cowboy outfit so I thought I'd see if Oliver's old cowboy hat would fit him. It was a bit big but it was too cute!

For pictures of Oliver as a cowboy, click here - incidentally, I used the same post title without knowing it
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poor little cry baby face!

Poor Oliver. He got upset today when I told him he couldn't do something. I can't even remember what it was but he was crying so hard. Poor thing. Bob came over and gave him hugs to make him feel better so he stopped crying after just a minute but he is just so pitiful!

One of the things I end up saying a lot now is "use your words". Oliver has such a huge vocabulary and I'm sure he understands more than he says but sometimes he just forgets and starts screaming or crying. It's frustrating because he can tell me what he wants or needs but doesn't.
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