Monday, December 28, 2009 many words!

Wyatt is now saying:

Merry Christmas

his vocabulary has exploded lately and its hard to keep track of new words so this will probably be the last "new word" update for him.

Oliver's newest phrases:

It's just what I wanted!
I did it all by myself!
Hicca Bicca Boo
Wyatt is the destroyer

Saturday, December 26, 2009

the igloo!!!

Uncle Dave and Grampa made an igloo! It was just Oliver sized so we got him in his coat and sent him out. He was a little afraid to go in until Bob gave him a flashlight.

Then in he went! He shined the flashlight around for a few minutes and peeked out at Bob and Dave (the girls stayed inside because it was COLD!)

Then out he came like a little Eskimo!
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more presents from Gramma and Grampa

I love the way both boys are ripping the paper in this picture. This was Wyatt's present, a little jungle with two safari guys and a jeep!

and for Oliver - a little guitar!

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It's hard to get excited about clothes when you've opened so many toys but the boys did ok. They each got two outfits, new jammies, and a few other things from Aunt Rachael and Uncle Dave.

Aunt Rachael made Wyatt a hat. It looks like an acorn!!

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Gramma and Oliver dancing

Well it looks like they are dancing but they are acually seeing how slippery Oliver's new slippers are!

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Wyatt and I reading the robot book

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Oliver catch...

We were throwing and catching a little purple bracelet thing.

Oliver was really getting into it!

He's quite theatrical!!

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Oliver present...

Oh the excitment! They were both jumping up and down!

He rips open the paper and...

it's a color book!!
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Oliver puzzle

Oliver opened the first present of the day and it was....a Spiderman puzzle!!!

He spent about 30 or 45 minutes putting it together and then taking it apart and then putting it together again!!

Side note, these are the jammies that Nanny and Pappy gave Oliver. He LOVES the penguins!!
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Oliver Christmas...

Oliver opening his new Spiderman water bottle that also came with a backpack, Spiderman sandwich baggies and a Spiderman snack bowl!

Oliver was the present deliverer!

Before we opened presents Gramma was teaching Oliver to shake them!
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Dress up clothes!!

Wyatt got a little hospital gown and bracelet...

He sure was a cute little patient!

and here's Dr. Walkup to fix up the little guy...

with a shot!!

Great job, Gramma!
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Wyatt Christmas...

Wyatt wearing the caveman outfit that Gramma made. He's holding a giant dinosaur leg (also made by gramma)

This present is reeeeally heavy!

He got this neat activity box from Uncle Dave and Aunt Rachael.

Here he is reading the robot book with Gramma.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wyatt likes the tree, too.

Even though he's constantly trying to pull ornaments off he loves looking at it. He can be very gentle after he's reminded about a hundred times.

I had to include this last picture because this is his new improved glee face. It looks a little more natural than the original and, from far away, more like a smile.

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