Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The playground

After we tromped through the woods for about an hour we found a playground. The boys and I hung out while Bob went to get the car. Oliver made a friend, a boy named Kendall, and they had fun running around together. Oliver is getting very good at climbing.

Not wanting to be outdone, Wyatt also climbed the ladder (with Bob closeby)

His favorite is still the tunnel, though. I love the static in his hair and he made just the goofiest face!

Oliver is doing lots of "big boy" things - he'll balance on just about anything. He went a good way around the playground on this edge.
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Mother's Day Adventure!!

Setting out on our adventure in "the JUNGLE" on Mother's Day. It was pretty warm out. We had a little picnic before we hit the trail and we packed plenty of water in our backpacks. Oliver, Wyatt and Bob all had a backpack but Wyatt got tired of carrying his so I ended up with it.

Adventure boy!

The boys held hands so no one would get too far ahead. They look too cute together.

All the boys heading off right at the end of the trip.
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the insectarium

We went into the insectarium to see the butterfiles but there were lots of other things there as well. Water bugs, a rhino beetle, bees, ladybugs. These were all on display outside the actual butterfly area. I think the kind of freaked Oliver out.

We saw lots of butterflies but I think the coolest one was this guy. The boys watched him crawl out of the cocoon!
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digging for fossils...

One feature of the Dino trail is that you can dig in this big pit area. They brought the dirt in from a beach somewhere and it's REALLY old dirt. There are tons of fossilized corals, shells and even sharks teeth!

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lost in Spaaaaace

There were a few activities like "get the spaceship to the planet" - where both were revolving at different speeds and you had to calculate when to eject the ship (a little ball) so it would go to the planet (a wooden thing with a hole to catch the ball), and another one where you had to adjust the orbit of a space shuttle so that it would dock at the space station. The boys just liked pushing the buttons on those things. They also liked the model of the mood lander.
There was a model of a little space ship and the boys peeked out at me!

The inside wasn't that cool, it just had a few buttons and switches that didn't do anything. I think the last time we were here it talked. oh well, the boys seemed to like it although they didn't spend a lot of time in there.
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