Friday, January 29, 2010

look at that face!

Wyatt has a sweet face, but why is it always dirty?!

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random cuteness

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Wyatt's Christmas jammies

These are the jammies that Aunt Rachael got Wyatt for Christmas. They are very warm! I just wish the boy would keep socks on.

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Little painting Wyatt

Wyatt also painted, he did a bird house. He had fun sticking his fingers in the paint and getting it EVERYWHERE. He also really liked dipping the paintbrush in the paint. He was not so interested in getting the paint on the wood pieces.

Here is his finished product. Very pretty!

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The painter..

One of the things Oliver and Wyatt got for Christmas was a set of wooden models that they can paint. Oliver painted and put together a car. He was very careful with the brushes and did a great job painting!

He's definitely loving arts and crafts. Here is the finished product!
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Little piggy...

I made strawberry yogurt for the boys. I guess Wyatt liked it!

Also in eating news:
Wyatt was munching on a banana when he stopped mid-bite, held the banana up to his ear and said "hello?" I wonder who was calling him at breakfast time!

For the record we've never pretended a banana was a phone, he thought of it all by himself!!
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Wyatt in training...

I put Wyatt in training pants for the first time since he's been doing so well peeing on the potty. Unfortunately he decided to mess the pants shortly afterward. I put the training pants project on hold until he's trained a bit better.

He's just too cute in these little pants, though!
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It was warm a few days ago...

It really was quite warm so we went outside (with no jackets!) to play for a while before Bob got home. The boys wanted to do yard work, go figure! Wyatt tried to rake some leaves with the tiny rake but really he just ended up moving them around. Oliver pretended that popper thing was a mower and off he went up and down the yard. It looked like hard work!

Oliver is such a poser. This is Bob's hat so it's way too big but he wore it after Wyatt threw it off. I wonder what he's thinking...

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new washer and dryer!!!

Wednesday after a long hard day at work Bob went to pick up the new washer and dryer at Sears. He then spent several hours getting them in the house, building the base and installing them. Finally they were done and they look fantastic!

The next morning I ran the test cycles and they seemed to be fine so I washed everything I could get my hands on. I even washed our bed pillows to see how the bulky/bedding option works. My pillow smelled so fresh last night!!

Today I'll be finishing the laundry and finally dressing the boys in clean fresh clothes. I'll also have to go out and pick up more laundry detergent. bleh! Maybe we'll make a trip to the toy store for the boys, too.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New year's resolution

One of my resolutions this year was to cut out all artificial sweeteners. It's turning out to be insanely hard - a lot harder than I thought it would be. There is High Fructose Corn Syrup in everything!
One trick I've learned is to shop the edges of the grocery store and make short "away missions" into the middle for items that are really necessary.
There's not a single gum in the checkout aisle that's not made with aspartame. There's even HFCS in jelly! I finally found a low sugar jelly that's only made with sugar and it's the best jelly I've ever had! I've found them in spaghetti sauce, pasta dishes, frozen entrees...all kinds of things you would think were safe really aren't. I've actually cut down on all types of sweets just because they are all made with those artificial sweeteners. Now a treat is a banana, an apple, maybe a sweet potato with cinnamon. Instead of waffles with syrup we have waffles with berries or yogurt. Instead of boxed macaroni and cheese now we have homemade - with REAL cheese! We still have sandwiches but with less sugar. No more sodas in this house, just 100% juices - and we water those down 50/50 to reduce the intake of regular sugar.
I've already lost 3 pounds on this "diet". I just read an article that says adults eat 22 teaspoons of sugar every day. Do you think that's impossible?! Keep track for a day - every 4 grams is equal to one teaspoon.

New pajamas!

We've been having some laundry issues so when we were out yesterday I picked up these cute new jammies for the boys. They are very soft and WARM. The boys were too cute after I put them in their new pajams.

Oliver kept jumping up and down because he was so excited about the dinosaurs.

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