Tuesday, December 07, 2010

After all the snow fun..

Bob built a fire in the pit in the back yard. It was nice to go warm our frozen fingers. He had another treat in store, though...

marshmallows! We roasted a few over the fire before we headed inside for some hot cocoa.

Little piggies stick the whole giant marshmallow in their mouth at one time. I guess they liked their treat.

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a SLED?!?!

Bob found a piece of cardboard that was big enough to slide the boys around on. We have a slight slope in our front yard so Bob took then down it a few times.

Oh, no! Man overboard! Wyatt wasn't holding on and when they started out he fell right off.
He wasn't upset, though...

He just jumped right back on and held onto Oliver...really tight.

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more snow fun

Here's Oliver throwing a snowball at me. See how nice and round it is? His aim could use work but the boy makes a mean snowball!

Here's Wyatt, mittens covered in snow, chasing me so he can throw it at me. I think we ran around the yard about 100 times.

The boys broke out a shovel and their wagon and filled it up with snow. I can't imagine why unless...

Wyatt just wanted a really comfy place to sit!
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It snowed!

Here are the boys all bundled up and ready to go out. Boy were they excited. They barely wanted to eat their breakfast before running out to play in the snow.

Once we got out there Oliver figured out how to make a really good snowball. After that all he wanted to do was throw snowballs at me. Bob disappeared very shortly after we went out.

Wyatt tried to make snowballs but the snow kept sticking to his mittens. Poor thing. He'd throw the tiny pieces at me anyway. By the time we went in I was covered in snow.
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and eight tiny reindeer

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The finished product...


Cyclops Angel

Tree and Candy Cane

Mitten and Stocking
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making ornaments

I will first admit that these photos were STAGED because the boys helped me for all of about 30 seconds before they got bored with it. They did like playing with the cookie cutters, though. Anyway, these ornaments are made from cinnamon and applesauce. They take about 200 years to dry out (in the oven at 200 degrees) but they smell super nice.

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