Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wyatt update

Wyatt now says bye bye and waves. He also blows kisses. He signs milk. He says puppy and brother. He's still a flirty little guy everywhere we go. He got his first pair of shoes for his birthday so now we can play outside more often and he walks around everywhere picking up sticks and leaves and who knows what else. The mosquitoes bite him a lot so we don't stay out too long but he sure does like it out there.

He's sleeping through the night in his bed. Not even waking up to stir or whine until about 6. When he does wake up I just bring him in bed with me and he's out for another 2 hours or so. Yay!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My baby...

One year ago...the day he was born

More recently...just before he turned one!!

The card reader on my computer doesn't want to work so I can't upload the pictures I took on his actual birthday. He just had his one year checkup and he is HALF AS TALL AS I AM! He's 30 inches tall, 19 pounds 14 ounces - that puts him in the 10% for weight. He's ahead for speech (he says 5 words) and he walks, stoops and recovers, and can turn around! He's my baby and I love him to pieces!!!!
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