Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm so tired!

I can't seem to get enough sleep lately. I took 2 naps today and still feel totally exhausted right now. I've been eating the special diet and all my readings have been pretty good this week. Hopefully I'll be able to test less next week. I guess I'll email my numbers to the dr and see what she thinks.

Oliver needs a haircut.

I'm eating my snack early and GOING TO BED.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The past week...

We've been busy. At least, I feel like we have been but I can't really remember what we did. Pregnancy brain!

Friday Oliver and I went to the Children's Museum with Elizabeth and Isabel. We had a great time! They played together pretty well although most of the time they were just running around doing their own things. We went out to lunch afterwards at Mimi's - have I mentioned that I *love* that place?! I think we're going to get together more often now. We've both been so busy with our kids and our pregnancies that it's been a while. Oh, she also said they'd come get Oliver when I go into labor so he doesn't have to be in the room with me while I'm suffering...I don't think that would be good for him. We will, of course, return the favor when she goes in!

Saturday Oliver and Bob went to Raleigh to visit Bob's dad. They spent the day out on the boat having a grand time...they even had a picnic out there! Bob said Oliver really enjoyed it even though after a while the rocking nearly put him to sleep. There are pictures but I don't know where Bob saved them so I'll try to post them at some point.

Sunday we lounged around a lot. I got some housework done, Bob did some yard work. Oliver played a lot. We took a long walk - which was nice. Monday we were both home from work again so we did some shopping. I got a new purse/bag that is waaaay bigger than my old one. It's big enough to fit everything I need so I retired the old purse AND the book bag that I usually carry. There's even enough room for an emergency diaper and wipes!! I also got a new water bottle. I've been refilling an Aquafina bottle but that's not a good thing to do. That type of plastic is not made to be reused like that. Anyway, the new bottle is red and it's made of (BPA free) Nalgene. I wanted a cute bottle to take to the hospital so now I have one! It's about a liter so according to my dr I only have to drink 2 of them a day. I'll probably do 3 or 4 though, it's HOT outside!

I had my followup visit at the nutritionist today. She said that everything looked pretty good except a few readings. She asked me what I ate those days and I pulled out my food journal and showed her. She was pretty impressed that I had started the journal since she hadn't mentioned it at the first appt. Anyway, she told me what I could do to get better readings and said that if I keep good readings for another week then I can start testing only once a day instead of four times!!! I will definitely be following the diet to the LETTER for the next week because I hate hate hate testing! She also said I should do my exercise in the evening instead of in the morning because that made my morning reading better, too. I guess I'll still try to do the walking in the morning but also do prenatal yoga when I get home from work...if I'm not too tired.

Roy is still moving around like a maniac. The dr said he's head down now although he could move back around anytime. She said most babies don't go and stay head down until about 36 weeks. Oh, and I lost 4 pounds! I guess it's the diet I'm on. I was at 136 a few weeks ago, now I'm at 132. I'm not sure that's a good thing but the nutritionist said it was ok.