Friday, March 12, 2010

crafty project...

These are the little people I made! This one is Tiny Delilah...

This one is tiny Oliver. He was the first one I made.

Here they are together.

I drew tiny Oliver's face on with a marker and it's kind of run a little bit. Oliver doesn't seem to mind, though. I modified the pattern when I made Tiny Delilah - she stands up better AND I didn't have to sew anything!! They are about 3 or 4 inches tall. I totally made up the pattern for the hats because I didn't like the hats that came with the actual pattern. They were UGLY! I have a few ideas on how to make the pattern even better with the next one...I'm so excited!!
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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

cute little ant? eeewwww

I saw this ant crawling on the side of the house and I took his picture with the macro setting on my camera. They came out pretty good but eeeeewwww!

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a day for dirt

We went outside in pants and long sleeves but it wasn't long before I realized it was too warm for that. I switched the boys into some of their new summer clothes and boy did they look cute! We dug around in this flower box for about an hour looking for bugs and worms. Oliver liked to use the shovel but Wyatt just dove in with his hands. Needless to say they were both pretty dirty but the cleanup is worth the fun we had.

Oliver scooping up some dirt. He kept saying he was a construction worker!

Wyatt got dirt everywhere, including in his mouth! yuck!

The boys had a good time and we were actually able to find a few bugs.
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Oliver's dance moooooooves!

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Remember this?

Wyatt now fits in the outfit that Uncle Dave got Oliver in China. Isn't he just the cutest?

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random pictures part 2

Wyatt can whistle! He actually makes little whistly noises, especially when calling Jasper.

He was very serious about coloring that monkey!

This is the "handy dandy notebook". The boys have really gotten into Blue's Clues so Bob got them each a index card notebook to put their clues in.

Oliver colored this. I think he did a great job coloring all the parts of the picture. The dress and hat are pink, her hair is purple, her shoes and cat are teal and he even colored the stars and moon orange. Great job!
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random pictures

Oliver in Bob's work boots. he tried to walk but they were too heavy.

The boys sitting in their new chairs. They sit at the table in the living room and draw or color.

Oliver writes his name! I have to draw the boxes to put the letters in or he makes them too big and can't fit them all but he did this by himself. I drew the boxes and letters above and he sat down and wrote his name!!

Oliver took a lot of time coloring these girls. He actually colored a few pictures in a row - one of the few times he's been able to sit still to do something like that lately.
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