Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Since the new year...

We celebrated Bob's birthday by going to see his family in Raleigh. We had a yummy lunch and some good visiting time.

Wyatt got a horrible stomach bug on the 10th. He was puking and had diarhea. The next day Bob, Oliver and I all got it. It was miserable. Bob was lucky because he never puked but Oliver and I spent a lot of time with our heads over a bucket. Bob and I were fine on Monday (Wyatt recovered on Sunday) but poor Oliver had a few puking incidents on Monday, Tuesday and one final one on Wednesday. Happily everyone is better now.

Gramma and Grampa came on the 16th and 17th so Bob could go to Digits and Anni's baby shower and I could work. Wyatt got very attatched to Grampa! He followed him around the whole time. Gramma taught Oliver how to draw people and he did a very good portrait of the four of them. Grampa brought Arby's home for lunch on Sunday - the boys love Arbys!

We cleaned the house and reorganized the playroom. We also got the boys a play kitchen. Now I spend half the day eating plastic food and sipping invisible lemonade.

The washer started to malfunction so we had to go buy another one. We got a front load HE Energy Star washer. We're very excited to pick them up!!

We took a trip to Ikea during our vacation (3-10) and picked up a few new things. I got a new stainless steel pan set that is just fantastic. We got new curtains for the living room, a plate/bowl/cup set for Wyatt, some placemats for the table, and some other things that I can't remember now. Ikea is a magical place! We will be going back at some point to get a new chest for the bedroom. The one I'm using now is too small and doesn't match the bed (which we also got at Ikea)

Wyatt has started talking up a storm. He will even used two words together occasionally. His vocabulary is huge and gets bigger every day! He also learned to spin. He'll go around and around until he's so dizzy he falls down then he gets right back up and does it again. It's silly but I guess he likes it because he keeps doing it. Another new skill is running. He used to just walk faster when we told him to run but now he gets those knees up and legs pumping. It is too cute!

Oliver's can tell what the first letter of a word is. He can also name any letter and tell what sound it makes. He learned to do mazes, which he thinks are super fun. He can read a few words and we're working on more. He has also become very musical. He got a guitar for Christmas and he asks to play it all the time. He makes up little songs and plays the guitar along. He plays the keyboard a bit, too. I guess it might be time to get him in a Kindermusik program or something like it.

Bob is back in school but the classes he's taking should be easier than the ones he just finished. As always there is a lot of reading but he finds time somehow. He still finds time to play with the boys and spend time with me - even with work and school. It's a hard balance but I think he's doing a pretty good job!

I am hoping to get my hair cut soon. I can't decide how I want to get it cut but it's so long that I can barely stand it. I was tempted to just take the scissors to it myself a few days ago. Luckily I didn't because it probably wouldn't have turned out very well. Half the problem is that I'm so cheap I don't want to spend any money to get it done.

I guess that's it for now. I'm going to try to keep this updated better in 2010. My other resolutions are to lose 10 pounds, not drink soda, no MSG, no artificial sweetners and to be 15% nicer...lol