Friday, March 28, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

a few more highlights...

Oliver with his mouth full of forbidden jellybeans. Why?

I think GRAMMA was giving them to him!!

Oliver and Delilah playing together

Oliver playing with Grampa Dale

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The hunt is on....

After the Easter basket excitement it was time to empty those baskets out and go hunt for eggs. Here's Delilah looking very cute!

Oliver seemed to catch onto the idea pretty quickly but he wanted to open all the eggs right then. He ended up spilling tiny beads all over one time and lots of change landed on the ground, too.

Most of his were hidden in very obvious places so it wasn't too hard. He'd get so excited when he'd spot one, though, that he would run by several others to get it. He was so cute!

Here he found TWO eggs! He was pretty happy with himself. He ended up with a big basket full of eggs. After all the eggs were found we headed back inside to sort them out. Oliver got the orange yellow and green eggs, the pink, blue and purple were Delilah's. He ended up with lots of candy, some new socks, some silly putty, and a pocketful of change. (Thanks Aunt Sarah!!)
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Easter baskets...

We went to my mom's for Easter yesterday. Both my sisters and their hubbys were there and Oliver's cousin Delilah. We ate a HUGE lunch with ham and chicken, chip's cheesy potatoe casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, fruit salad, corn, green beans, homemade bread and biscuits. I stuffed myself silly and I think everyone else did too! After lunch it was time for the kiddies to get their Easter baskets. Since Delilah is a little older they hid hers and she had to find it. This is an action shot of her running to get it once she spotted it.

Once she found hers and started to pull everything out Oliver wanted to "help" so they gave him his. It was packed with all kinds of goodies! A book, a very cute romper with an alligator on it, a Hawaiian shirt and shorts set, a stuffed mouse, a big rubber ball, and LOTS of candy.
The first thing he grabbed was a marshmallow egg. He would NOT put that thing down and he didn't want to look at anything else. Finally after he smooshed it beyond recognition we got it out of his little paw and showed him the other stuff in the basket.
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