Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Oliver filled the train up with water from the water tower so we could get on our way.

Wyatt was a very good driver. He especially liked pushing the button that made the train whistle.

Then it was time for a tea party in the passenger car. They were actually playing with a little girl and boy. They got along great! There was no fighting over the two teacups or the one cookie.

Here's Oliver shovelling coal into the train. It's actually just big black foam pieces. When you put it in the engine there's a motion sensor or something and it makes a fire light up! Very cool!!
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The boys played nicely in this box. Wyatt liked to flop/slide down the sides. Oliver liked to sit in the box and pretend it was his fort.

Oliver went over and played with this tiny little girl. He would gently roll a ball to her and then she'd knock it back and he'd do it again. He was so nice and gentle! Her mom even commented on how nice he was and said she wished her older child would play that gently with the baby. Great jobby, Oliver!

Wyatt played with his reflection in the castle area.

He was a little shy around the other kids but after a minute he jumped right in and played. He was too cute with his little hands behind his back!
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Wyatt drove the fire engine. He did very well waiting his turn and then getting out when someone else wanted a turn. He didn't move very well but he did enjoy turning the wheel and going "beep beep!"

and of course, my little organizer had to match up all these things. He was very careful about making sure the lines were juuuuuust right.

The boys both had fun in this tunnel.
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Oliver picked out this little baby and put him in a onsie before checking him out.

He carried him around for a good while before rocking him to sleep and putting him back to bed.

Then Dr. Oliver checked out some Xrays. He knew what they all were, even the lungs. He even remembered (from a month or two ago) some of the names of the bones.

Of course, some were pretty confusing. He put on this HUGE "doctor coat" and he looked so funny I just had to snap a picture.
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After the construction zone we went back to the doctor's office where Wyatt brushed this giant set of teeth...

played with this little blonde girl. I think they were washing their hands getting ready to operate on "Melmo"...

swept up the floors...

and examined this little naked newborn. I guess he was ok. Wyatt rocked him to sleep after this and put him back in his bassinet.
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Wyatt threw a stuffed bear out of the reception area of the doctor's office. He took a lot of phone calls and typed a lot of things into the computer.

Meanwhile, Dr. Oliver checked the hearts of Mickey and a giant Favorite Giraffe.

In the construction zone Oliver made sure everyone was properly equipped with safety glasses, hard hats, and tool belts.

The boys both liked this little tool bench even though a lot of the tools were broken. We didn't get a chance to go to the giant Lego pit. (The pit isn't giant, the Legos are)
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The faces of Wyatt

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The faces of Oliver

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We went to the GCM yesterday and had a blast! Oliver listened really well and Wyatt only tried to run away a few times. They played nicely with other kids and got along with each other, too. Oliver wants to organize everything and spent a lot of time lining up boxes in the fake post office and shovelling coal in the train. Wyatt especially liked the babies even though they were all NAKED.