Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wyatt playing with Bella

They were so cute together. This is the first time Wyatt has gotten to play with someone close to his own age so he had a great time!

What a good sharer!!
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Wyatt with his new best friend

Introducing "kitty kitty". Kitty kitty is a gray and white cat that Wyatt picked up at Toys & Co. He now takes Kitty Kitty everywhere and sleeps with him as well. He's learned the word and the sign kitty.
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playing the "guitar" and singing the cutest songs ever

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how old...

Oliver, how old are you?

What about you, Wyatt?
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Oliver's glee face...

The face he makes for pictures now
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who's under that basket?

For some reason Oliver loves to cram himself into small spaces...

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Wyatt's glee face...

I tell Oliver to make a "glee face" when I take his picture so that he'll smile really big.
This is what Wyatt does when I tell him to make a glee face...
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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Not a good day

Today was very trying. Every time I turned around Oliver and/or Wyatt were doing something they weren't supposed to. Every time I tried to do something they were fighting every step of the way. I know they were tired. I was, too. I ended up yelling quite a bit. I hate yelling at the boys! They are such sweet well behaved boys most of the time. It just seems like there are days when EVERYTHING goes wrong and neither one of them wants to listen. I'm going to try harder to be patient and yell less. No excuses...they are kids and they're going to whine and cry and misbehave. From now on only correction, no yelling. Consequences, but gently. Most of all, understanding.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


My big guy is 3 today. He's 3. Three! I can hardly believe it. The time has really flown by and he's changed so much. I haven't weighed him but we measured him today and he's 38 inches tall. He talks like a kid - full conversations. He's got an imagination! Always talking about spacemen and aliens and he's got several imaginary puppies and babies running around. His new thing lately is that "he's a baby". He says that when he's tired or just upset.

His favorite toys are legos and stuffed dogs. He builds the coolest towers and the ones he's the most proud of go on top of the entertainment center for a few days to be admired. He can climb any ladder at the playground and slides all by himself. He's started pumping his legs when he swings so I don't even have to push him anymore. He's all over the place, running and jumping and climbing. Another of his new favorite things to do is "wash his hands" or in the sink. He "helped" me do dishes today and it was too cute. He rinsed everything sooooooo well before I put it in the dishwasher. He was really upset when we were done.

He goes potty all by himself as long as the light is on. He can wash himself in the bath. He dresses himself, even socks and shoes! He colors pretty well for a 3 year old, I think. He's started to recognize words. He knows moon, room, woof, Biscuit and we. For his birthday today we got him a "learning to read" book call Biscuit - biscuit is a dog so I thought it went well with his puppy obsession. Anyway after reading the book to him twice he already learned woof and biscuit! I think he is going to love reading as much as I did as a kid. He carries books around all day long and tells me stories out of them. He has a children's encyclopedia (he calls it the multopedia) that he's learned quite a bit out of already. He likes planets and space a lot so he knows Saturn (saturin) and Jupiter (joopter). He knows what the rings of Saturn are made of and that Jupiter is the biggest and has a red spot. He also knows (sort of) Neptune and why it is blue.

He's a good big brother most of the time. Very gentle with Wyatt. He also helps Wyatt learn signs and new words. Wyatt will do anything Oliver does, though, so we have to be careful about what we let Oliver do.

Anyway, Oliver is smart, strong, and super handsome. He's my big guy and I love him!!!

Oliver last year
Oliver 2 years ago
Oliver 3 years ago