Friday, June 01, 2012

Turn baby turn!

We had an appointment on Thursday for another ultrasound to see if Raddish was turned head down yet. She, of course, is not. They referred me to a chiropractor and an accupuncturist to try to get her head down before labor starts. I went to the Lotus Center today and tried out moxibustion. I will say that she did move a lot after they did it but I think she's sideways now instead of head down. They gave me a few sticks of moxa to do the procedure at home so hopefully she'll get with it and turn before Monday when we have another ultrasound.
Other than that she is perfectly healthy. She's about 7 pounds and her foot is 7.5 cm long. She wouldn't get her hands out of her face so we didn't get any good pictures but we'll see her soon enough! Only one more week until her due date!!!!