Friday, November 06, 2009

new Wyatt words

duck, book, mmm-mmm (like no) and shakes his head, donut, boomana (like an exploding banana?), pee

added 11/7 - purple, pen

added 11/9 - boop, peep (as in peep peep, which is a bird), Gramma, Woody (from Toy Story) and airplane. He also learned the sign for bird.

When he has a poo diaper he points to it and says BOOM!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The mega-slacker update

Oliver had his 3 year dr's appointment on the 22nd of October. He was 37.5 inches tall and 32 or 33 pounds. He can stand on one foot, he can jump really high and really far. He can draw a circle and a plus sign (He CAN!). He passed all the test the doctor gave him. His vision is good, his hearing is good, his blood pressure is good. He's right on schedule for everything, except he's ahead in speech. He uses looooong sentences (10 or more words) and uses big words, too.

He has started making up stories, too. Really simple ones but they are so cute. He tells me a lot of them while we're driving so I don't get to write most of them down. I posted some of them a few days ago. He's got a good imagination.

Oliver can read the words eye, ear, hair, and nose. This is in addition to the words he could already read - woof, biscuit, oliver, mim, daddy, wyatt, jasper, see, bee, and we.

Cute things Oliver has said lately...

Bob: Can you get me the coffee and a spoon?

Oliver: coffee and a spoon, coming right up!

I took a drink to wash it down!

The moon is ROUND - like a smiley face!

Oliver was Spiderman for Halloween (see below for pictures). He thought he was the coolest Spiderman ever. The woman at Target called him "Spidey" and he got upset. I'm SPI-DER-MAN, he said. He ended up with a pumpkin full of candy but only went to two houses for trick-or-treating. I can bribe him to do anything for a candy bar! (the tiny milky way)

Wyatt has started running. He's pretty fast, too. He's a climber, too - he can get just about anywhere as long as there's some kind of foothold.

He has learned a lot of new words. Just today he started saying Spiderman. Yesterday it was Uh-oh! When he says the oh part he makes his mouth into a little O shape. It's so cute! He also says boom!

He learned the sign for airplane, bird, cup, boy (which we use for brother), Spiderman (shooting a web), and gimme. He made up the sign for gimme and it's just like milk but more emphatic.

He helps me put his clothes on, putting his arms in sleeves or legs into pants. He still doesn't like getting his shoes on and barely sits still for it. He knows where his pants are. He also knows socks and shoes. He can find his eyes, ears, nose, hair, belly, feet, hands - although he's been doing that for a while and I think I might have already posted it.

He likes to "read" his book - a big board book with bright pictures. He can recognize most of the pictures in it, too. girl, boy, airplane, jacket, fish, bird, train, cup, ball, car, orange, apple, banana, puppy and kitty.

Wyatt will also do anything for a candy bar. The boy has a sweet tooth, just like me! He didnt' get as much candy as Oliver did (mostly because he can't have nuts or anything chewy like Twizzlers) but he enjoys it. He was Woody (from Toy Story) for Halloween. Everyone kept saying what a cuuuuute cowboy he was - very few people knew he was Woody. (frustrating!!) Anyway, he WAS a super cute Woody. Bob went out and got him a little stuffed Woody to play with and it's been his favorite ever since (sorry kitty kitty!).

Last week the boys and I headed up to Asheville to visit Gramma and Grampa. We also got to see Aunt Rachael, Uncle Dave, Aunt Sarah and Delilah. We were a few days too early to see the new baby, Adriana, but hopefully we'll see her soon. We stayed at Gramma and Grampa's house, ate good food and played A LOT. Gramma took a few days off work so she could hang out with us. Wednesday Gramma watched the boys so me, Rachael and Sarah could go out and do sister stuff - which ended up being donuts for breakfast, shopping, pizza for lunch and then home. It was fun, though, and nice to hang out without the boys. They did great with Gramma and were fine, although really tired, when I got back. The boys took a nap then Rachael helped me start crocheting a lion. Haven't worked on it since because I'm a slacker! In fact, it's still in the suitcase.

That is all I can think of for now. Hopefully I'll be able to make more time to post instead of waiting weeks to cram everything into one post and then forgetting it.