Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm PROUD of his accomplishements!

(hahaha, rachael and sarah will probably laugh at reading that title)

Anyway, Oliver had a big messy poop today...IN THE POTTY! He woke up at 7:30 (way too early for me) but Daddy was still home so we got nice goodbye hugs and smooches then went to the playroom for some juice and snuggles. After about 5 or 10 minutes Oliver wanted to get down and play so off he went while I stayed under the blankie on the futon. A little while later (15 minutes?) he was sitting on the floor and he pointed to his diaper and said "poop". Lately this has meant that he just pooped and needs a new diaper but when I checked the diaper was clean. Being the responsible mim that I am I got out the potty and we sat down. Oliver was doing his usual - playing with toys and having a grand old time - when I started to smell something. He seemed to be finished so I got him up, cleaned his bottom and put the diaper back on him (it was clean!). In the potty was a big pile of icky squishy poop! At this point I was so happy/excited/proud that I was dancing around singing about poop in the potty. Oliver seemed as though he knew what I was talking about because he kept pointing to it and saying "poop!" Hopefully this will be a continuing occurence.

Then of course a few minutes later he says poop again...silly me didn't put him back on the potty and ended up with a big disgusting poop diaper to change. I'll listen next time! (I thought he was still excited about the first one!)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's spring!

I was getting tired of Oliver's tangled bedhead so today I got out the clippers and buzzed his head. Overall I'd have to say he looks

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A new favorite word..?

Oliver has been saying "messy" a LOT! Any time he drops something, dumps something out, or gets a tiny spec of dirt on himself all I hear is messy messy messy messy until it's taken care of. Luckily for me he's pretty smart and will pick up most of his own messes. The dirt is another matter, though. He will just stand there with his dirty little hand out like it's just too icky to deal with. Hopefully this is just a phase because he loves playing outside and he falls down pretty frequently because our yard is full of pits and holes and things to trip over.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Random info...

I haven't really posted much lately in the way of words without pictures. It always seems like there's never enough time in the day to get everything done.

Oliver had an appointment at the dermatologist today to look at the weird bump on his head. It's been there for a while and although it doesn't bother him it's rather unattractive. I thought they'd probably just remove it but they said it's some kind of granuloma or something and they usually go away on their own. So off we went after scheduling a followup appointment in 3 months.

He's picked up tons of new words, so many that I've stopped keeping track. It seems like he repeats everything I say now. A few of the more notable ones are: I love you, hug, and smooch.

The sleep situation seems to be getting a little better. He's in his bed for 3 hours or so before I get too tired to put him back down in his bed. This is up from 1 hour about a month ago. It's slow progress but hopefully he'll be in his own bed all night pretty soon.

We're still working on potty training, although not as seriously as we probably should be. He likes to pee outside the diaper, but not on the potty. He will now come up and tell me he's wet or "poop" though, so that's progress, right?

As for Roy, he's getting very squiggly. The movement is almost always on the right side just like it was with Oliver. He doesn't cause too much trouble with food anymore...unless I eat a lot of greasy stuff (like potato chips with french onion dip...yum!). I caught a glimpse of my shadow in profile last night and WOW...I'm HUGE! I hadn't realized because I can still wear some of my pre-preggy clothes but this belly is giant.

We haven't bought anything for Roy yet. The only things we really need are a playmat (we borrowed one for Oliver) and a bassinet. I'd like to get him some new clothes so he won't have to wear all hand-me-down stuff and maybe a special blankie like we got for Oliver. I guess we'll probably need some new bottles, too. I think all the ones we have left over are made of the BAD plastic. Other than that we're set - and good thing, too. I realized yesterday that we only have 4 months left! That's IF Roy decides to stay in there until his due date. Oh yeah, and Roy still needs a real name. Teehee!

fun in the playroom...

Sitting on the potty, just practicing! We usually do this with no bottoms but he was playing with it.

"fixing" the magnet wall. Oliver likes to take his screwdriver to anything that looks like a screw.
He turns over his cars and works on them with the screwdriver, too.

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Walking in Mim's shoes

Oliver's new favorite thing to do is put on any pair of shoes within reach and walk around in them. It's too cute!

Here he is talking on his phone to Buzz Lightyear
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