Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ice cream festival!

Bob told us yesterday that today was the ice cream festival at Guilford College. We headed down after he got home from work and had a good time eating ice cream and walking around. There were rides for the kiddies - Oliver rode the Berry go Round (giant spinning strawberries) and went in a bouncy thing. He also made the bell ring by hitting the thing with a giant hammer and won a pokey ball. We had (burnt) corndogs and lemonade for lunch. It was so much fun! After we left we ran around the campus throwing the ball and hugging trees. Oliver was very well behaved the whole time. Wyatt rode in the Moby (which again started a conversation with a stranger!). What a great time!

Last time we went (3 years ago) they had a bunch of booths set up with crafts and such. They didn't have that this time and we were a bit disappointed. I guess they traded that for the rides. Too bad!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Moby wrap...

I have to say that this is the best thing to have when you have a baby! I love love love wearing it and wearing Wyatt. He's so peaceful when he's in it. It's also a great conversation starter. I've had lots of people stop me to ask what it is, how it works, and where they can get one. I wish I had more business cards for the place I ordered it from so that I could give them out. I loooooooove my Moby!

hit and run

Sometime last night Jasper started barking like a maniac. Bob got up and yelled at him and made him go to bed, but apparently this time it was for a good reason. Someone hit the truck. The neighbor called us today and told us it was VERY loud and was suprised we hadn't heard it. Bob called the number they left and talked to someone who said it wasn't her that hit the truck. It was her friend who was really old and didn't have a license. Bob called the police and they said if they come out they'll have to charge the lady with hit and run. Well, he ended up calling them because the lady wouldn't cooperate so a nice lady cop came out and wrote up the report. She also talked to the lady Bob had talked to and tried to get information about the actual person who hit the truck but she was pretty evasive at first. The cop lady drove down the road and found the car that hit the truck and with the help of the friend finally talked to the person. The cop felt sorry for her so didn't charge her with hit and run, only the accident and something about not calling the police to report an accident. Anyway, we're calling the insurance company as soon as Bob gets home today!!

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Hot Beef Sundae

Bob's friend sent him a picture of a "hot beef sundae" that looked pretty much nothing at all like this but it gave me an idea for something different for dinner. It's just mashed potatoes, beef gravy with shredded beef mixed in and peas and corn for sprinkles. I wish I'd had some tiny tomatos for the cherry on top! Anyway, it was delicious!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Wyatt taking in the view

Wyatt went outside while Bob and Oliver were doing some yardwork. He was very calm and alert, taking in the view of bushes, trees, clouds...

It was pretty hot but he didn't seem to mind.

I used a blankie to create a little tent over him to keep the sun off. I don't want his delicate skin getting burnt!

Oh and yes, he uses a pacifier. I hate using it but he likes it.
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Playing outside...

Stump Jump! Bob cut down a tree a while ago and this is the stump that's left. Oliver stands on it and then jumps off. It's not much of a jump though since the stump is so low to the ground.

He's off! Oliver got too excited and ran right down the driveway and toward the road. Luckily Bob caught him before he got IN the road.

Going down the slide Bob and I got him for his birthday.
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Oliver playing outside

Don't drink and drive! It was really hot and after he'd helped with the yardwork he was all flushed and sweaty. Bob got him some juice but he insisted on sitting on his bike while he drank it.

Playing with the puppy. He tried throwing the toy but Jasper wasn't very interested in chasing it...especially since Oliver usually throws it AT him instead of TO him.

"Puppy, get the stick! GET IT!!"

That's ok, he didn't get the stick but Oliver still loves him anyway.
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Helping Daddy in the yard

Putting sticks in the can. He'll pick up just about any size stick. When I came out he was carrying one that was almost as big as he is.

Looking cute

Mim, stop taking my picture! I'm trying to work!

Throwing bottles in the recycling. He's getting so tall!
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Playing together

Oliver likes to be part of Wyatt's play time. He calls tummy time "swimming". He'll bring toys over and tell Wyatt to "look at it!" while he shakes it vigorously.

This is Oliver looking bored after he had showed Wyatt all the toys in the bucket. I can just see him thinking "What am I supposed to do with him now?!"

There we go, found another toy to play with.

This looks like Wyatt is punching Oliver in the face...haha! The first brotherly fight
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How in the world does the boy get his eyes that WIDE?

Lifting up his head...pretty good for a month old, huh?

Chillin on the quilt Nanny made. He had just had a sponge bath.

Hangin in the Boppy. That's the sheet he likes to look at. He won't take his eyes off it!
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wyatt's doctor appt

Wyatt saw the doctor on Friday (the 12th). He is 10 pounds 10 ounces and 22 inches long. That's a gain of 3 pounds 5 ounces and 2.5 inches since leaving the hospital. The doc said that everything else is looking good. He's right on schedule with his development. She did say he has a chubby butt, though. He got one shot which he did NOT like. Bob had to take Oliver out of the room for the shot because when he saw the tray with the needle he got really upset. Wyatt only cried a little bit because I had the delicious bottle waiting for him once the nurse was done.