Saturday, February 06, 2010

Oliver/poop update

I broke down and called the doctor on Tuesday. She told me to give the boy Miralax and fiber. She also said celebrate every poop no matter how small.
I tried it and it worked almost immediately! He's back to pooping without screaming! He's not afraid of the potty!
The only downside is that now he wants to go poop all day long. I have stopped giving him laxatives so hopefully that'll help but yesterday he pooped 6 times!
Anyway, he's back to normal and hopefully he'll stay that way.

On another good note Oliver's potty issues have helped Wyatt get more interested in the potty. Every time Oliver goes he wants to go, too. He had a dry diaper most of the day yesterday and has only pooped in his diaper today, no pee!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I got the bluuuuues!

Bob gave Wyatt his harmonica to play with and he loved it. He did really well figuring out how to blow in and move it to make different sounds. He was too cute carrying this thing around. Needless to say it was VERY slobbery when he was done!!

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playing with "squish"

Oliver's potty troubles have made me be more creative with his sitting on the potty time. Today we got out "squish" aka playdough. Oliver made this smiley face,

this bobot alien (yes, BOBOT - it's not a robot!!)

This is excited Wyatt, he puts his hands up like that and squeals. It's so cute!

Here's Oliver playing with the fish I made. The one on the left is Squish Fish and the one on the right is Daddy Fish. He's making them smooch. As you can see by the look on his face he was making the sound, too. Smoooooch!
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making Valentine's cards...

Oliver wanted to do a craft project so we whipped out some markers, stickers, glitter pens and construction paper to make Valentine's cards. Oliver drew smiley faces and flowers, I was quite impressed! He even "wrote some words" on one of them - although it is just squigly vertical lines it was really sweet.

Wyatt drew on the cards, too but more haphazardly. He looks like he'll be a lefty, too, just like Oliver. He seemed to have fun picking out stickers and drawing.

Oliver told me what he wanted on each card and I wrote it in. He was very proud of the end product.
Now I just have to find some appropriately sized envelopes and get some lovey stamps...
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Monday, February 01, 2010

Another post about poop

Oliver has been having poop issues. He holds the poop in until he's so grouchy and in such pain that it comes out whether he wants it to or not. That's usually every three days or so. In between times he's very grouchy and has no energy. After he finally poops he's the happy little boy we all know and love, but then after a few hours it's back to the grouch who refuses to poop.
We've been giving him laxatives to try and help him. It also has a stool softener so it won't hurt him when he does go. It makes him need to go but he's so strong willed that it still takes three days of grouch to get it out.
He says it's scarey to poop. He said it doesn't hurt, he just doesn't LIKE it. We make a huge deal about the poop when he does it - the song and dance, the treats, the fun activities that are reserved for after poop. Nothing seems to help.