Friday, July 15, 2011

Beach Wyatt

This is, somehow, the only picture I got of Wyatt at the beach. I guess because once he woke up we went down and jumped in the water. I didn't really worry too much about pictures, more about having fun. Poor little fellow fell asleep just as soon as we got there. Pappy put his hat over his head so he wouldn't get too much sun and I covered the rest of him with Bob's shirt. He slept for almost two hours!
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Oliver the ocean boy...

Oliver absolutely did NOT want to get out of the water the entire time we were at the beach. If he'd had his choice he would have stayed in this little ocean pool all day and night. He was very brave - he went into the big waves for a while. Daddy was close by, of course. He was very excited about his life jacket. It had a rocket and an astronaught on it. He didn't wear it the whole time because sometimes he just liked to free-float. If we lived closer to the ocean Oliver would be a tan little surfer boy.

This is the sand bar between the waves and the pool.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Obviously I have no time for anything since I haven't posted an update since mid-May. I'm sure I've been doing something but I can't really remember what.

I've been working on some crochet projects. I finally finished the blanket for Wyatt so I started another one for Bob's and my bed. This one will take a LONG time since it involves making 100 7X7 squares and then sewing them together. It's going to be pretty, though. I also made a few Peep bunnies for Easter and some dishcloths and other random stuff.

Oliver and Wyatt have been doing a little bit of school here and there. We're looking at putting Oliver in pre-K this year so we're "getting him ready" for that. I guess the thing I'm most worried about is making him sit still for hours at a time. Oliver is reading more and more. We really need to work on math skills but I just don't know where to start. Wyatt learned all the letters and their sounds so we moved on to reading simple words. He can read -op, -all, -at, -am, -an words as well as a few other ones on the "sight words" flash cards I got for Oliver. I'm sure if I wrote them out it would be a very long list. Not bad for a not-quite-three-year-old.

We went on vacation to Topsail Island the week before 4th of July. We were at the usual house but we went to a different spot on the beach where there was a sandbar that created a pool at low tide. The boys really enjoyed that pool! There were deeper spots where Oliver could float and the more shallow spots were perfect for splashing or scooting along on a boogie board. The boys really enjoyed playing with their cousins and are constantly asking when they'll see them again. In the evenings we hung out at the house with the family and were entertained by the antics of the children. Nanny got glow sticks and that was just fuel for the fire. Bob and I got a little date but discovered that our special restaurant had closed. We were disappointed but the place we ate was pretty good. I guess we don't have a reason to go to Wilmington next time we're at the beach. We'll have to find a closer spot to have our date. Overall it was a REALLY good time.

This past week we were all sick. Wyatt picked up something on vacation and brought it home for all of us to enjoy. It took us about a week to finally get rid of it but we're all fine now. I'm glad because as much as I don't like being sick, I like even less for the boys to be sick.

I can't remember anything really happening other than those things. I'll try to update more often so I don't forget any more stuff.