Saturday, June 26, 2010

thanks for this, Bob...ew!

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Train museum

This is the train we was a GREEN engine just like Oliver asked for.

Here are the boys flying pretend airplanes. It looked like they took a bunch of old car panels and put them on these consoles. There were lots of buttons and switches. The boys loved it!

Oliver asked if I was strong enough to push the train out so ...well needless to say I definitely wasn't!
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the train museum in Spencer NC

The boys were super excited to ride the train.

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poor little sicky Wyatt

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what did you dooooooo?

This is the carpet that was in the house when we moved's ugly, not soft and slightly stained. it still smells a little like old cigarettes even after 5 or 6 shampoos and one visit from Stanley Steemer.

This is the even ickier carpet that was UNDER the carpet above. As you can see it's disgusting...there are stains everywhere.

This lovely mess is what was under that carpet. It's some kind of tar-based carpet glue. Needless to say a serious mess! It took some work and a lot of time but Bob finally got it cleaned up enough to walk on.

Here it is in the soaking/scraping process. As you can tell there are hardwood floors underneath. Eventually we'll have all pretty hardwoods in the hall and living room. It's going to take a LOT of work.
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more new sheets...

These are just plain tan but they matched the wall really well. They're the same micro-flannel as the others, though and they're so soft!
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Oliver playing in the sprinkler

This was at the end of the playing...when he realized that water wouldn't MELT HIS FACE...

this is what his face looked in EVERY picture I took until the last 10 or so. Poor guy! I wonder why he kept doing it if he clearly didn't like it.

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Wyatt playing in the water...

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