Thursday, March 06, 2008

Happy half birthday!

I can't believe my baby boy is 18 months old already. He's gotten so big - about 32 inches tall and about 22 pounds. He's doing so much and saying so much. He loves being outside. He'll go around the yard and pick up sticks to put in the yard waste trash can. He even helps out the lady next door by getting her sticks, too.

He knows where things (shoes, clothes, books, dirty dishes) go and will put them away when asked...most of the time. He knows which room is which. If I tell him to go to the living room then that's where he goes. Same with the kitchen, playbaby room, bedroom and Oliver's room. He also knows where to go to get his shoes and jacket when it's time to go out.

He's gotten really good at opening and closing doors as long as he doesn't have to turn the handle to do it. He's getting into the kitchen cabinets now, too, and pulling out all the plastic bowls and lids for the pans. This is great motivation for me to keep my kitchen floor clean!

He's doing better with eating by himself. He uses a fork and spoon fairly well, although sometimes he still just holds in it one hand and shovels the food into his mouth with the other. He's also getting better at taking bites instead of shoving the whole thing (cracker, piece of bread, apple slice, banana, etc etc) in his mouth at once. He's still pretty messy, but not as much as before.

He's picked up a bunch of new words since the last time I posted it. truck, door, wall, two, potato, Pappy, cool!, button, blanket, bed, turtle, poke, wait!, apple and pepper (as in green pepper). He's also got a few new signs. bunny, flower, hairbrush, turtle. It's amazing how he picks words up so quickly. Sometimes if I say something new to him he'll repeat it back. We practice things a lot! He loves looking through books and telling me what the pictures are. It's funny - he'll say and sign cow, then say "booooooo!"

He's started taking an interest in puzzles. He has a few that he got for Christmas and there are some at the museum we go to. He's beginning to recognize that every shape/piece has it's own place. It's fun to watch him try to match it up.

He's such an amazing little guy! - and getting more amazing every day!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Since I was so mean yesterday...

I'll post this one first...

yep, we're having another boy! We are so very excited!! We both cried when we found out.
This next one is a 3D one, though it kind of freaks me out. The tech thought it was super cute that he had his hand on his chest like that. Like he's saying "Who me? Oh yes, I know I'm cute...but go on!"

This is one of the many profile pictures we got. He's not really doing anything in this one, but we have a few others that I'll post where he's being a bit more active.
This is his foot - look at his cute little toes!

He's yawning in this one. It was so amazing to see him yawn - he's a real person and he does real people things!

I call this one "The Thinker" - his hand is on his chin like he's thinking really hard about something.

So, that's Roy! I can't wait to meet him!!!!

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Monday, March 03, 2008

Ultrasound results...

We had our ultrasound today even though by their calculations I am only 17 weeks 3 days. The ultrasound tech said that if they couldn't get all the measurements then we'd just have to have a second ultrasound a little later. Oh darn! Luckily Roy cooperated and we got all the measurements and stuff she wanted. The baby has 10 fingers and 10 toes. There is a beating heart, kidneys, and a bladder. There's a head with a VERY cute profile. The only thing she was slightly worried about was that the placenta is sitting very low. They might schedule another ultrasound to check on it later. And now, what you've all been waiting for....Roy is a... ... ...

yeah right! Did you think I'd post the answer without the ultrasound pictures? No way! I'll scan them in tomorrow and let you all know if Roy is a boy or girl. s/he was VERY cooperative!