Sunday, June 01, 2008

What the... ... ...HAIL??

Last night I was at work when Bob told me it was pouring down hail at the house! It didn't last long but it tore up the trees and flowers. We didn't get any of this at work (where I was) and it's only about 15 minutes away!

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Playing in his room...

Oliver looks so pleased to have so many cars. Some of them are new, we just got a pack of "wee-ooohs" the other day. What is a "wee-oooh" you might ask? Well...any type of vehicle with a siren - ambulance, police car, and most of all the fire truck.

Here he's pointing out where the man sits in the truck. He always does this with every car he picks up. Sometimes he says man and sometimes he says Daddy. I wonder how he determines which one.

In this one he's putting the cars away when he was done playing. He did such a good job of cleaning up his room.
When he was done playing with the cars and had put them away he got out his animals. Of course, there are people in there, too. He's holding the doctor lady and the cowboy and he was smooching them and then making them smooch each other. He's so affectionate!
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