Saturday, March 01, 2008

no updates for a long time!

I just realized that I haven't really posted much about this pregnancy. I've been feeling ok for the past few weeks now that I'm in the 2nd trimester. I still get heartburn if I eat too much or if I eat chocolate or tomato sauce. I've been less tired, though, so that's a good thing. I haven't weighed myself lately but I'm sure I'm gaining weight. I have started to round out a little in the belly area - just enough so that people can tell I'm pregnant. I'm not sure if I have felt movement or not, sometimes I think it's the baby for sure but then I question it later. I'm sure that I'll be getting kicked in the bladder and punched in the ribs soon enough!

I've started being able to eat more food, not just bland things. I feel hungry more often and snack a LOT. I try to eat good snacks like bananas or peanut butter crackers but how am I supposed to resist chocolate covered raisins?!?!? ....oh I found out that eating rolaids or tums after a meal can actually make your heartburn worse! Apparently it neutralizes some of the acid in your stomach - which makes digestion take longer. Which means that all that food is sitting there in your stomach for a longer time. I've started chewing mint gum after meals - it makes me feel better.

The weirdest part of this pregnancy is that if I'm not eating or chewing gum then it feels like there is lint on my tongue. I don't know how else to describe it. It is so weird! I've tried brushing my teeth more often and using mouthwash but I guess it's just a weird pregnancy related thing. Hopefully it'll go away when this baby is born.

The baby has aquired a nickname...Roy. It's a long and not very interesting story of how that came about but that's what we call him/her. even if it's a girl we'll probably keep the nickname...yeah, we're odd. So?