Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What's that?!

Oliver's new phrase is "wa THAT?" or sometimes just "THAT?" He doesn't always listen to the answer but he loves pointing and asking. Silly little boy.

He also knows what his shoes are and where they go (on his feet) but he doesn't say or sign shoe yet. He started saying cracker, although it sounds more like croCK...that's right, a lot of emphasis on the CK at the end.

I'm amazed at how fast he's picking up words and signs!

Thank you Jeff!

The owner of the company I work for CANCELLED OUR CHRISTMAS PARTY! We've had a very nice Christmas party every year I've worked there, but this year even though we had booked the restaurant, the DJ and I had bought my dress it has been cancelled. What could be the reason for this? Well...the email said it was because "they want to reinvest the money in the company" which, ok fine, whatever...but what they really meant was "we spent too much money on a failed experiment and now we're pouring a big chunk of money into another project that may or may not be profitable." Yaaaaay! So I'm off to return my dress later even though it is super cute because I have nowhere else to wear it. Stupid RTG.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

just a little cuteness...since you've been deprived for so long

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Playing with Eleanor...

Oliver's first pony ride...

Playing "together"

Awwww, look at how cute Eleanor is!
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oh yeah, and I found the camera...



Oliver playing outside in the "gocks"
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oh what a weekend!

We stayed home Saturday, supposedly to get some things done around the house but of course we didn't do much. Bob almost finished the siding on the wall outside, he cleaned up the rest of the branches from the front yard, and i did some laundry and general cleaning.
Sunday we set off to WV to visit Bob's family. Oliver was awake a good part of the way but didn't get cranky until the very last little bit of the trip. We spent some time with Bob's grandparents just hanging out and visiting then we went up to his sister's house where we stayed overnight. Oliver had fun playing with his cousins even though they are all quite a bit older than he is (the youngest is 6). We also got to meet Ashlyn, which is Oliver's cousin's daughter. She's 6 months old and SO CUTE! Oliver didn't want to go to bed and actually didn't until everyone else went first. Then he woke up about an hour later and screamed like crazy for 30 minutes before going back to sleep for the rest of the night. That was pretty nice - about 7 hours of continuous sleep! Bob made pancakes for everyone for breakfast...yummmm! We visited with Bob's other sister and her kids after that. Ethan wasn't feeling well so he went down for a nap a little while after we got there but Oliver and Eleanor played together for a good while. As much as two 1year olds play together anyway. After that we went back to the g'parents and had lunch before heading back home. Oliver was awake a good part of the trip again, but a little more cranky this time. We sang a lot of songs to calm him down toward the end of the trip. It's good to visit, but it's so nice to be home!

Oh yeah, we didn't get to see Oliver's Godparents (Birch and Gretchen) but we did find out that they are expecting another baby! Hooray!