Friday, August 01, 2008

sleeping through the night!

We switched Oliver to one nap a day just after lunch. Since we did it he has consistently slept through the night from about 8 until 5:30 then from 5:45 until somewhere between 7 and 8. I have to admit that Bob was right, he only needs one nap.

Oh yeah, and only one more week until Roy's due date!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

How do I know?...Well, I'll tell you.

Today Oliver and I were getting ready for our morning walk. We got some breakfast, got dressed, put our shoes and hats on and got ready to walk out the door when I realized I didn't know where the stroller was. I ran out to the car for a second (the door to the house was open) and found it. I got it out and set it up. I walked back up and tried to open the screen door...but it was LOCKED! When the boy figured out how to lock it I don't know. Anyway, I tried pulling on it really hard, I went to the back door to see if I could get in that way (it was locked and for some reason I don't have a key!), I came back around and yanked on the door for another minute before I decided that it might scare Oliver since he was standing right inside the door looking at me like I was completely nuts. As I stood there trying to decide if I should run to the neighbor's house to call Bob (since my phone was inside) Oliver reached up all calm and unlocked the door. Needless to say I snatched the door open and grabbed the boy in a big hug and told him never ever do that again because he SCARED ME!! I don't know if he understood but he hugged me for a loooong time and said he was sorry. Well, now I know better than to go outside and leave him in by himself...even if it's only for a second.
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The best picture Bob got...

Rachael and Dave, here is Oliver in outfit Dave got in China. It looks super cool on him! I'll try to get some better pictures later, Bob didn't use the flash and Oliver kept moving around. He was even trying some karate moves when he had it on...hehehe!
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Oliver loves to draw...

Oliver is very artistic and loves to draw. Unfortunately there's really not a good place for him to do it because the only real chair we have for him is the high chair. He usually draws while I mess around on the computer so he'd be in the kitchen and I'd be in the office and that just wouldn't work.
This looks really akward and I have no idea why he drew for so very long if he had to stand like this to do it. He did, though. We got quite a few pictures.

He's always very intent when he's drawing, too. Look at that face! This time he was using a pen but usually I give him some crayons...the big chunky kind. He's getting pretty good at knowing some colors, although he still mixes up blue and green.

Last night Bob put this desk back together for him. The neighbor was going to throw it away a while back and we asked if we could have it. Bob painted the top of the desk with whiteboard paint but it didn't turn out very well. I'm not sure why but it's all bumpy. Anyway, Oliver really likes it. He keeps going in there and sitting at the desk asking for Crayons.

He even figured out where to put the crayons so they don't roll off the desk. What a smart boy!

He's also started bringing all his books to the desk so he can read them properly. Go figure! I think he likes having his own place. It's super cute!