Thursday, July 03, 2008

Testing testing and more testing...

I went to CVS to refill my test strips a few days ago and they said my insurance would not pay for it yet! I told them I had only 2 days worth left and they said I could go ahead and get them...for $65!! I said ummmm, no thanks! and called my dr. The dr got everything straightened out so I have to go pick it up today but seriously, how do people without insurance do it?!

When I called my doctor she asked me why I hadn't been in for the non-stress tests once a week. Well, had I KNOWN I was supposed to be getting a test every week I would have scheduled and been there but since no one told me then how was I supposed to know?! She said it was ok but I need to come in another last minute appointment at the doc's today. She also said I will need another ultrasound to make sure Roy isn't too huge. Hooray for another ultrasound but now I'm worried that Roy will be 10 pounds. It'd be super nice if my doctor would have told me all this 2 weeks ago when I was there. Then I could have made plans and not freak out like I am now.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Cool Dude and his new bike

Here is the cool dude on his new bike. We got this at Toys R Us. It is a rocking bike for inside and the rocking part converts into a handle so outside he can ride it himself or I can push him. He LOVES this thing! All day long all I hear now is "bike! bike! bike!"

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Been busy...busy...oh so busy!

We've been keeping the house consistently clean! The laundry was caught up but I need to do a load of diapers and a load of clothes tomorrow. The playroom is pretty straight, all the dirty dishes are in the dishwasher waiting to be washed, the toilets and shower are clean. I do need to vacuum and sweep but maybe I can do that tomorrow.

We joined a gym on a 30 day free pass. It's the Rush, but we haven't been back since that first day because we can't use the child care facility because we aren't paying members. I'm thinking maybe we could just join the YMCA. It's pretty close to the house and it's about $50 cheaper than the gym! They also have a pool that Oliver can go it, which the gym doesn't. We're going to check it out tomorrow or Wednesday.

I ate a huge dinner (salmon, beans, steamed veggies) and even cheated with a sip or two of Bob's coke, a sip or two of Oliver's chocolate milk and a Ghiradelli carmel filled chocolate and STILL got a good reading this evening!!

Bob borrowed a saw on a pole and chopped up the trees while Oliver and I were out visiting a friend. I can really tell the difference in the amount of light that comes in the front window! He has a bit more to trim but it's looking good already. Great job, Honey!