Saturday, December 01, 2007

Another word and a sign I forgot...

Oliver says "ready?" and signs HOT! (by blowing...he does it whenever he sees cute!)

Don't want to jinx it, but....

Oliver slept for 3 hours, then for 4 hours last his own bed! How did this happen? Well for one thing, we got a humidifier. It's a cool mist Vick's one and it makes a low hum when it's on. Last night when I put Oliver to bed I turned that on and did not turn on the Baby Einstein lullabies that I usually play all night. I also did not turn on the little light in the hallway that shines into the room a little so I can see what's going on if I need to. There's actually enough light coming in the window because of the street light outside. So the combination of dark and white noise really helped him sleep better! Hopefully this will be a trend and I didn't anger the sleep fairies by talking about it.

mnmmmm, goodies!

Bob sent me a gift basket full of goodies! I got it yesterday but failed to take a picture before I ripped it open to find out all the stuff that was inside. There were crackers, cookies, candy and cheese spread...lots and lots and lots of it! What a sweeeeeet hubby I have. Then again, I've been snacking on it all day so I'm afraid to weigh myself tomorrow...heeeheee

go elf yourself!

Merry Elf'n Christmas!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

How did we do it?!?!

***I forgot something very important so I added it to the end of this post***

We started with Baby Einstein First Signs video, then we got The Baby Signs program. The Baby Signs Program comes with an instructional DVD, a book about why signing is helpful, a quick reference guide (it's magnetic!), a fun DVD for baby, and 4 little board books with colorful pictures. I mainly used this to teach myself the signs so that I could use them when talking to Oliver. Except the board books. We look through those together and do the sign that goes with the picture. The main way he learned so many signs is because Bob and I use them consistently when talking to him. Every time we give him food we sign "eat" every time we see a duck we sign "duck", etc etc. You have to do it EVERY time!

The book that comes with The Baby Signs Program also has tips on how to help them learn the signs. Like "more" - give him a cheerio (or other small snack). Once he eats it sign and say "more" and give him another one. After you do this a few times he'll get the message that if he wants another one he should make that sign.

Oliver doesn't do all the signs exactly like the actual sign, but it's close enough to tell what he's talking about. They don't have to be exact, it just has to be the same sign for the same thing. For example - the sign for eat is putting your hand to your mouth like you are putting food in. When Oliver first started doing it he would put his hand flat to his mouth and tap it there, but he'd do that every time he wanted something to eat. I could still figure out that he was hungry even though he'd modified the sign. I continued to do the sign correctly and now he does it correctly as well.

It takes a lot of repetition to teach him these signs. I've looked at those little books SO MANY TIMES. You can really do it with any picture book, you just have to figure out what the sign for the picture is. Start with signs that don't require a lot of finger dexterity, too. Milk, eat, drink, ball, mom, dad - those are all pretty easy. Words like banana, help, hurt - those are a little harder because you have to use both hands.

This post ended up being a lot longer than I originally intended, but I hope it helps! If you have any specific questions just email me. My address is on the sidebar over there. ------>

***It's very important to be enthusiastic! When he repeats or uses a sign or word GET EXCITED! Clap, shout hurray!, give him a hug...something to let him know that he did something good. He'll be encouraged to do it again and again, and, as with any new ability you have to continue to be excited about it even after the 10th time he's done it in 30 seconds. He's excited to show off his new skill and he likes making you happy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Give one, get one!

check out this program for donating laptop computers to children in developing countries.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I forgot some signs...

all gone/done

also, he's got another tooth! Bottom left molar is sticking out...the right one looks and feels like it will follow very soon!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oliver's words...

Oliver says...

Mim (for mom)
what's that?

Oliver signs...


Phrases Oliver understands...

give it to me
leave it alone
what is it?
come here (although he seldom listens to this one)
change the diaper

Things Oliver knows...

shoes and socks go on your feet
can locate his nose, ears, belly and feet
how to play ball
how to use a phone
what a hairbrush is for
what a toothbrush is for
how to turn pages in a book
how to draw/scribble
how to dance
how to use a spoon
juice goes in a cup
when Dad goes outside he's usually in the garage (he looks out the window, points to the garage and signs "dad")

smart boy!