Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The making of Kale Chips

Wyatt and Oliver ripped the leaves into bite sized pieces.

We tossed them in olive oil and then placed them on the baking sheet.

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The last stage...tasting!

Oliver wasn't too sure he liked them. He ate a few but decided they weren't his favorite.

On the other hand, the boy who doesn't eat green veggies (most of the time) ate two bowls of them! He loved them!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Making applesauce Stages One and Two

I peeled the apples and Oliver cut them up. He used a crinkle cutter since he was somewhat unsupervised while he was doing this.

Wyatt rinsed the apple pieces in the sink then we poured them into the pot...

Oliver stirred while Wyatt added cinnamon.

LOTS of cinnamon.
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Stages Three and Four of applesauce

The smooshing of the apples. Since we don't have a food processor that's big enough for all the apples we cooked (AND because it's way more fun) we used a potato masher. Both boys got a turn at squishing up the apples.

Then came everyone's favorite part - the tasting! They ate up what I gave them then ate another little bowl! I guess our first attempt was a success!!!

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sweet boys reading together

Sharing a book...

reading together...

teaching each other.
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