Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween fun

Oliver ws doing a lot better after his nap and some chicken soup so we decided to go out to Reedy Fork for some trick or treating. Oliver was, of course, Batman - the only one we saw. Wyatt was in the Moby, which is orange, so I got some black felt and made a Jack-O-Lantern face and stuck it on. He was super cute! When we started out Oliver was shy whenever anyone opened the door but he always said thank you when he got the candy. After a while he would say "treat please" when they opened the door...I think he got extra candy because he was so cute! At one point a guy opened the door and said "What do you say?" and Oliver replied "Give it!!"...I think that was the funniest part of the evening. Anyway, Oliver did really well walking around and was only scared a few times when the people giving out candy were dressed up really scary. One guy even scared me - I thought he was a mannequin but then he moved and I almost jumped out of my skin! Oh how we all laughed after that. Wyatt did well, too. He hung out in the sling and made adorable faces at people. We had a super night!

Friday, October 31, 2008

I don't feel good :(

Poor Oliver has a horrible cold. He's got a stuffy runny nose, a horrible cough and he just seems miserable. He was up until 12:30 last night coughing and just couldn't get to sleep. Finally I took him to the rocking chair and rocked him until he fell asleep. He seems a little better today. I'm pumping him full of juice/water and chicken soup in the hopes that he'll be better by trick or treat time. He's very snuggly today - I guess that means he really doesn't feel well at all. Poor baby!
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Boooooonanas for breakfast!

Happy Schmappy Halloween!!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Playing on the playmat...together...

Oliver got down with Wyatt this afternoon and played with him on the playmat. He really wanted to hold Wy's hand but couldn't get a good hold on it. Wyatt kept waving it around

Then it was tummy time. Oliver wanted to have tummy time, too, so he did just what Wyatt did...

When Wyatt got his head up, Oliver got his up ...look how well Wyatt is getting up!

Oliver was also very good at encouraging Wyatt. He says "Good Jobby!!"
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Bob's hard work

Bob worked all day Sunday taking down the shelves, cleaning up the porch, taking down the wall, and then putting everything back up and reorganizing. He did a super job and I really like the way the shelves are now. This was, of course, to make room for the new freezer.

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He ain't heavy...he's my brother!

Oliver holding Wyatt in the boppy. He looks so proud of himself when he can help take care of Wyatt.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I think this is hilarious...

Check it daily'll be updated every day until Nov 4th. Click on EVERYTHING (and some things more than the sides of the desk and the door)...almost everything does something funny!!