Friday, May 08, 2009

a few bonks later...

The last few days have been pretty rough for Wyatt. Wednesday he got pushed (by Oliver) and when he fell back he hit his head on a toy. He got a big bump, a medium sized bruise and a little scrape behind his right ear. Thursday we went to visit my neighbor and Oliver made him bump his poor little head on the corner of the wall. He must have hit it pretty hard because he got a huge lump and bruise above his left eyebrow. We gave him crackers and iced it until the swelling went down but there's still a bruise there. Then yesterday he was playing with the drum and it slipped off the table and he went with it - bumping his poor little chin on the table as he went down. I'm just waiting...hopefully today he won't get any new injuries.

He's also still teething. That top right tooth sure is being stubborn about coming out. He's so cranky at night and at naptimes. Poor little guy. Last night he had such a hard time going to sleep...he didn't even want any milk! Then he woke up halfway through the night and did the same thing. Crying and throwing himself around. He'd fall asleep for a second (literally...a second) and then wake up and cry some more. He refused everything I tried to give him. He finally did drink a little juice/water with some teething meds in it. I guess it worked because he finally drank some milk and went to sleep. I feel so bad for the little guy when he's like that because there isn't really anything I can do about it. I wish that stinkin' tooth would just come on already!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A new post...when was the last one?

We have been super busy getting ready for summer and vacation. Bob and I went out and got a bunch of new clothes for the boys, although we still have a bit of shopping to do for Oliver. Walmart had some great deals (2.50 for Tshirts and some cute shorts, too!!) but they didn't have any NICE shirts for boys. They had tons of Tshirts...not a single button down collared shirt. It was strange! Anyway, we also got a few other things for vacation lately. A new set of luggage (on sale at Sears almost 70% off!!), a backpack (for hiking), some new water bottles, etc etc...

While we were at the store Wyatt was in the stroller and Oliver was running rampant. I gave Wyatt one of the shirts to entertain him while we shopped. Pretty soon he was lifting that shirt up over his head and pulling it down real quick with a big smile on his face. This is actually the first time he's played Peek-a-Boo with me! (we call it Pee-Boo because that's what Oliver always called it). It was too cute. I called Bob over but he wasn't quick enough and missed it.

Yesterday was Jasper's birthday. He's 5 now!! He got a special dinner, a new bed and a yummy bone filled with lamb flavored goop. He also got to "clean up" the "spilled" ingredients from dinner. He was pretty excited! Today he's getting a bath and groom at his new vet, as well as a vaccine of some sort (Rabies?).

Since it was also Cinco de Mayo Bob was persuaded to make burrito suprise. Don't ask me what it is because he doesn't let me know what's in it...that's the suprise. It might have been the best burrito suprise he's ever made. It was so yummy! Then he sneaked and made cheesecake pudding with cool whip for dessert. Thanks, Bob!!

Monday was our 56th monthaversary. Yes, we do still celebrate every month. We went out to Napoli for dinner and had some nice non-kid time when we got home. Both boys were so tired they went pretty much right to bed. Yay!

Oliver is 4 months away from being 3...what? Oliver is 4 MONTHS away from being 3. I can't believe it. He's so big already! He's very good with Wyatt, other than the times he's too rough or takes away his toys. He can sing most of the alphabet song and recognizes most of the letters. he can count so well but doesn't really know any of the numbers. He can climb any ladder on the playground, slide down the fireman pole, swing by himself, and even climb the rock wall! He loves to hang from the bars and he can do it for so long...he's so strong! He's bad about running off in stores or PARKING LOTS when he's with me, but not so much with Bob. He can get up in his car seat and click the top set of straps. He opens the back door and calls for Jasper when he's outside. He builds tugboats and airplanes out of legos. He imagines fruit trees and snakes and motorcycles and horses and caves and all kinds of things in his bedroom. He likes helping cook...stirring and mixing and adding ingredients - and of course, taste testing! He refuses hugs and smooches sometimes because he's too busy playing. Sometimes when he gets a smooch he wipes it off. I can't believe what a boy he is sometimes...but then other times he gets up in my laps to snuggle and play with my hair or asks me to rock him like a baby. I hope he never stops doing those things. Even though he's big and so much fun to play with he's still my baby.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

I can't seem to get Picasa to put pictures on here anymore

I don't know what's up but I have some beautiful pictures to put up here and Picasa is not working. I think I'll have to change my security settings to get them on but I'm not sure how. Maybe I can get Bob to do it this week. I want to get these pictures up so badly!