Thursday, July 08, 2010

Adventures at Second Creek...

Wyatt wet head

Oliver searches for snails and crawdads

brave boys on an adventure

Wyatt splash
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Adventures at Second Creek!

We took the boys down to the river and let them loose. At first Wyatt was afraid of whatever algae or plant was growing on the rocks. It looked like hair and it was fairly long and slippery. He didn't like it one bit! After a while, though, he got used to it and he was off right beside Oliver. They splashed and threw rocks and chased Crawdads. What a fun time they had!!

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What is it with boys? get your FINGER out of your NOSE!!

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more fun in Lewisburg...

Mammaw all dressed up for church. What a lovely hostess she was! She cooked some fantastic meals (one of which I learned how to make) and kept the boys entertained.

The only good picture (out of about 30 or 40) of all the kids.

All the Walkup boys (that were at the house at that time). 4 generations!!
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fun in Lewisburg

Wyatt sitting with Pappy Lucian. Wyatt looooooves Pappy Lucian!

I don't know what Oliver and Pappy (Bob) were playing but they look like they were having a lot of fun.

Wyatt winding up for the pitch. The boys spent a lot of time playing catch with those balls.

The boys knocking Pappy (Bob) down.
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lunch after the parade...

Wyatt being a goob

This was either Oliver showing Angie a magic trick or Oliver trying to get out of the necklace after Daddy trapped him in Either way Oliver really liked sitting next to Angie.

Handsome Bob!

Handsome Wyatt!
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more parade pictures...

Oliver started getting sleepy about halfway through. He was tough and stuck it out til the end, though.

Wyatt was all happy smiles!

Here's the weeee-oooooh face. Every time he saw a fire truck he'd make the siren sound and I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Here are Oliver and Eleanor checking out their buckets of candy. By the end of the parade they each had a FULL (to overflowing) bucket plus some in a box.
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4th of July parade

We went to Timothy and Angie's house to meet up with them before the parade. The kids (4 of them!) got a wagon ride down to the bridge where the parade would pass by.

Wyatt waved at everyone but he was especially excited when he saw a fire truck.

Oliver was so excited about getting candy thrown at him but still managed to wave and check out all the cool cars.

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