Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter egg hunters in training

They worked together to find the eggs. It was nice to see. We had so much fun and it was so beautiful outside that Oliver wore SHORTS! What a nice day. Now we're going out for a quick bite and some shopping.

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Easter egg hunters in training

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Eastern Egg hunter in training...

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Egg hunter in training...

Oliver found the first egg, but he was pretty gracious about helping Wyatt (and LETTING Wyatt) find some, too. They did this for almost an HOUR! The only reason we stopped is because I ran out of places to hide them.

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blowing bubbles and steering the ship

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so handsome!

We got this jacket from a guy I worked with at RTG. Oliver found it in a pile of clothes that I needed to hang up and he put it on (of his own free will) even though the last time I tried to make him try it on he screamed and fussed and threw himself on the floor. He's just too handsome!

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more dinosaurs and some other stuff too

Wyatt in a dinosaur footprint. He's looking up at the circling flying dinosaurs above. (they really were circling!)

Oliver comparing his hand to an Acro claw. This is the same as the skull that was by itself. It's similar to the T-Rex but it had three fingers instead of two and it had a thinner face. There are other differences but those are the two I remember.

We checked out some snakes...boys, how do snakes smell? That's right! With their tongues!!

Oliver touched an alligator! Also a turtle, a guinea pig and a hissing cockroach. I also touched the alligator and the roach. It hissed at me and I ran away!!
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Wyatt trying to lift one of the big balls of rock. This display showed all the kinds of rock that are mined (is that the right word?) in NC.

Oliver found the skull of a dinosaur. This was NOT a T-Rex ...but I can't remember the name. Oliver said he died and then turned into a fossil. He was right! He was a little scared to go into the room where this was at first but after I walked up and stuck my hand in it's mouth he was ok.

Oliver told Wyatt about how dinosaurs got hatched from eggs just like this one!

Oliver walked in the footsteps of the dinosaurs. I think the dinosaurs were his favorite part!
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more from the museum

Oliver matched up sharks with their descriptions. The mat told what they ate, where they lived and a few phyiscal characteristics. He did a pretty good job!

Wyatt was more interested in the tiny toy seal, walrus, shark and ray.

A crabby would live in THAT shell! Oliver knew a little bit about shells.
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the teeth of the MEGALODON!

Oliver was very studious, checking out each tooth with and without the magnifying glass.

Wyatt liked getting his face reeeeeally close to the magnifying glass so he could see even better. Bob made sure he didn't fall off the very tall stool while he was concentrating so hard.

We tried matching up teeth to pictures but I don't know that we did a great job.

This is the MEGALODON mouths. The first one is a baby then all the way up to an adult, full grown one. I wish I had gotten one with a person for scale but I'd say the biggest one would be about two of me so...10 feet!
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visit to the megalodon!!

You can count the rings of a sharks vertebrae to find out how old it is...just like a tree!!!

Wiggle your cartiledge! Shark bones are made of the same stuff as our noses and ears!

How do you measure up? Oliver and Wyatt are smaller than even the smallest shark.
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