Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Potty time

Oliver, do you have to go potty? Even when he does he always says "nooooooooooo" with his mouth like this. Silly boy!
*Bob didn't approve of the potty pic so I took it down
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Wyatt's first "real" bath

I finally got around to washing the tub and giving Wyatt a real bath. I've been giving him sponge baths but this time he got in the water.
He didn't seem to mind - he didn't cry until the very end. He even kicked his feet and splashed a litttle.
Here he is afterward in his little hooded towel. It was a bit cold in the house so I only took two pictures before I picked him back up to snuggle him warm and get his jammies on. He smells so nice now!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wyatt's visit from the nurse

We had the county health nurse come out again today for a follow up visit. She brought him some vitamins and weighed him again. He's 11 pounds 11 ounces!! He's gaining weight so fast I can barely keep up. He's in size 2 diapers now, too. I think it's kinda neat that he was 10/10 last time he was weighed and 11/11 this time. Maybe next time (Oct 14th) he'll be 12/12 or 13/13! Anyway that was pretty much all she did and then she was on her way.

Thanks, Gramma and Grampa!

Oliver wore one of his new outfits today. It was the "wee-ooh" shirt and the black cords. He looked so big!

He's such a poser!

"Oliver, where's the wee-ooh"?

And, of course, I can't post without a Wyatt pic. He wore cords today, too!
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A visit from the grandparents!

This was a while ago but I totally forgot to upload the pictures! Here is Gramma with Wyatt...

We tried and tried to get a good group photo but someone wasn't cooperating!

Most of them looked like this...

This one turned out ok but Gramma had her hair up and didn't like it.

Oliver had fun running around and playing with Grampa while Gramma cooked casseroles. Yummy! They only stayed a few hours but we had a good time (and good food). They also brought Oliver his birthday present (like he needed a reminder about birthday birthday birthday...he still asks for presents!) which was two pairs of pants and two shirts. The courderoy ones are my favorite! I will post pics (for you Mom) when he wears them.
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