Saturday, January 26, 2008

The cutest baby dishes!

Check out these adorable baby dishes! ...and these! Aren't they adorable!? I want some really bad. I can't wait until they are in stock...I have to have them! Of course that's not all there is at this store but I'm kind of stuck on cute baby things lately. The name of the store is Kolorful Kitchen and it's located in Hendersonville, NC. They started out carrying only kitchen stuff but now they've expanded and have some unique purses and wallets too! They even have Polish Pottery. There's so much stuff there that I want I can never decide. Anyway, go check them out!

Potty time!

Oliver peed on the potty for the first time yesterday! It was right after his nap - he woke up with a dry diaper so we sat on the potty for a while to see what would happen. He sat there and played for about 20 minutes before he let loose and PEED ON THE POTTY! Most of it went outside the potty but I was proud anyway because he was sitting on the potty when he did it. He started to cry immediately after he peed but I gave him a hug and sang the "Oliver peed on the potty" song and he started laughing. HOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hey look! It's about time!!

I got my hair cut! It's been since February '06 that I got it cut and it's been growing like crazy since then. We went to get Oliver a trim because his hair was hanging in his eyes again and while we were there Bob convinced me to get a "trim". Of course, once I sat down in the chair I decided to just hack some of it off. This is the result after blow drying and straightening and curling the ends. It's really cute! Everyone has said that it really suits me. I think the only person who *doesn't* like it is Oliver. He likes to play with my hair when he's going to sleep but now it's really hard to reach.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

sleep training, potty training...

The other night when I got home from work I heard Oliver crying...really hard! Of course my first instinct is to run and snatch up my baby and comfort him but Bob was trying to get him to go to sleep without being held/rocked/sung to etc. I absolutely HATE the CIO method of sleep training so after a few more minutes Bob gave up and let me take the boy. I actually got him to sleep without being held or rocked. I gave him a little cup of milk and laid him on the futon. I sat next to the futon where I could still pet his head and rub his back and he could still see me. Within minutes he was asleep. I've been doing this with naptimes since then and he's really getting good at going to sleep by himself. I guess the next step is to get him to do it in his bed.

The potty training is...well...a whole other story. Oliver likes to sit on his potty but he hasn't peed or pooped in it yet. He'll sit there and talk to me or read a book or play with a toy. I sit him there about every 30 - 45 minutes. Of course this has only been for a day so I'm not worried about it at this point. It's just a little frustrating because I'm so excited about the potty!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

picture time

Oliver likes sitting on his drum for some reason.

Here he's playing with all the legos that grampa got him for christmas. he and daddy sure did have fun!!!

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a potty chair for Oliver!

I ordered this potty chair from Amazon 2 days ago (I think) and it shipped yesterday! It's supposed to arrive tomorrow and I am sooo excited. He peed on the floor again last night after his bath, but it was before we got the new diaper on him so it's not like he meant to this time...not exactly anyway...he peed in the same place as the last 2 times. Anyway, any potty training advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

In other news, I hate my vitamin! It tastes icky and I am not supposed to eat within 4 hours of taking it (2 before and 2 after). I'm also supposed to drink a glass of water with it, but I hate drinking water. It's so plain!

I'm almost over the queasy stage. I can actually eat more than just cereal and plain baked potatoes! Woohoo! Although Taco Bell, pizza and anything with tomato sauce is totally out...heartburn city! That doesn't leave much as far as my regular diet is concerned. I mostly eat pasta with sauce or pizza or things like that. Oh well, I'll figure something out just like I did last time.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oliver's words...update

I haven't really posted about Oliver's vocabulary since November so I thought it was about time I did that. He says 32 words and does 32 signs, some are the same but some are only said or only signed. He's such a smart boy! Here goes:

he says:

thank you!
good job!
piggy (for his piggy bank)

he signs:

all gone/done

He also understands phrases:

throw it
kick it
be gentle
come here
get down
go to the (playroom, futon, living room)
get out of the kitchen
put it in
bring it to (mim or daddy)
put it back
catch it

he also roars like a lion, makes a fire truck siren, barks like a dog, peeps like a bird, and makes vroooom noises for all cars and trucks.

If we aren't paying enough attention and he wants to give us something he'll grab our hand and put it out so he can put whatever it is in the hand.

he's got another tooth! the one on the top left between his front teeth and his molar is just barely poking out.

so that's the latest update on the big man. I'm off to snuggle the hubby for the rest of his nap. :-)
Of course this list doesn't include the ones I listed before.