Thursday, September 11, 2008

do they look alike?

I think they have the same nose and mouth but their eyes are different. I can definately tell they're brothers.(The top is Wyatt, the bottom is Oliver)
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Yes, that IS Wyatt!

I put this picture up as my profile picture. My mom couldn't believe that that's Wyatt. I guess it doesn't look much like the picture in the last post, which is what he looked like last time she saw him. Anyway, yes, that's Wyatt...he's getting so big!

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A month already!!

I can hardly believe that Wyatt was born a month ago today. It seems like the time has gone by so quickly. We've all settled into some sort of a routine and are getting by pretty well. Wyatt has gotten so big, I can't wait to see how much he weighs (his appt is tomorrow). He's eating really well and stays awake for a long time. Luckily it's usually during the day. He's grown out of newborn diapers and newborn clothes. I was very sad when that happened! My last baby isn't going to be a baby for long.

He can follow a toy with his eyes when I move it side to side - sometimes he moves his head, too. He also swats at toys, especially if they make noise when he does. So far his favorite thing to look at is the sheet covering the futon, though. It's got white, blue and red stripes. When he's on his stomach he can lift his head up really well and lifts himself a little bit on his arms. He can hold his hands together. He's very vocal, cooing and grunting all the time. He smiled at me for the first time today. Such a cute little smile!! He likes sitting up and can control his head pretty well but it still flops around a little. He's working on it, though! He recognizes my voice and will calm down when I talk to him when he's upset...sometimes. He takes a pacifier even though I really don't want him to. It calms him down really quickly so I can figure out what's wrong.

He's a calm baby. Most of the time when he's not asleep he's just looking around at everything with his big eyes. He hardly ever really cries - he fusses a little but no wailing. He sleeps about 3 hours at a time at night - then he wakes up to eat. During the day he sleeps better if he's being held or if he's in the Boppy pillow. At night he stays in the bassinet next to the bed for most of the night. Around 4 or 5 I bring him in the bed with me because he won't go back to sleep otherwise. He still grunts in his sleep. It's cute and a little funny IF you don't have to sleep next to him. He still likes being swaddled up tight most nights. Sometimes he likes one arm free so he wears his blanket like a little toga.

The first month with little Super Why was hard - we had lots of snuggle time and such, which was good, but it was hard to get into a routine and get things done. It's hard to find a balance between the two kids. Oliver still needs to much attention but he's figuring out how to do more and more on his own which really helps me out. It was really hard with Bob going back to school. He needs lots of time to do assignments and such so I have to find things for Oliver to do quietly or outside. Wyatt is pretty low maintenance at this point just because he sleeps so much.

Wyatt and I have Mim and baby time after Oliver goes to bed. Wyatt is usually awake between 8 and around 10 so we have a few hours to be just the two of us (or 3 if bob is home and not doing schoolwork). It makes me feel a little bit better about having to step away sometimes during the day. We usually just hang out and talk or look at toys. Sometimes we walk around and bounce but that puts Why to sleep so I save it for last. He's a sweet little cuddly guy!

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

2 years, what can he do now?

I found this checklist here.

Yes! - Walks by him/herself
Yes! - Stands up from middle of floor without help
Yes! - Turns page of a cardboard book
Yes! - Shows a toy, body part, and/or clothing item when asked
Yes! - May say two or more words meaningfully and also uses gestures to communicate
Yes! - Jabbers expressively and imitates words inexactly
Yes! - Likes an audience; imitates ball play and other social games (he especially likes cooking)
Yes! - Chews most foods well; may want to feed self with spoon and drink from cup, with many spills
Yes! - Walks up stairs with one hand held, and creeps backwards downstairs
Yes! - Likes to climb on, push and pull large objects or toys
Yes! - Stacks three or four objects
Yes! - May say five to ten words
Yes! - Points to one or more pictures in a book on request
Yes! - Follows a series of directions, e.g., "pick up the book and bring it to me." (when he wants to)
Yes! - Points to several body parts on self or doll (ALL of them!)
Yes! - Uses spoon and cup with little spilling
Yes! - Places edibles in mouth
Yes! - Able to run
Yes! - Begin jumping during play
Yes! - Completes simple three piece puzzle
Yes! - Sometimes uses two-word sentence, e.g., "more juice" or "bye-bye mommy." (he will actually say more juice he's using some 3 word sentences!)
Yes! - Imitates simple words immediately (including one that I'd rather he not say..somehow he picked up "f*ck" and says it when he drops something!)
Yes! - Follows directions easily (again, when he wants to)
Yes! - Occasionally plays near but not usually with other children
Yes! - Likes to help a parent - imitates household chores
Yes! - Can undress completely, except for fasteners
Yes! - Temper tantrums may begin because of strong need for independence

He can also count to five and sometimes to ten. He usually forgets eight.
He can recognize letters A, B, C, D, O, W, and M. He knows at least one word for each letter (like D is for Daddy, O is for Oliver, etc)
He says please, thank you and you're welcome. So polite!
He's getting less shy around people as long as he has a few minutes to warm up.
He knows when he needs to poop and will (most of the time) let me know. For some reason he doesn't tell Bob as often as he tells me. We're still working on the peeing. If I take him he'll go but he won't tell me he has to pee.
His bedtime routine is still the same...bath, brush, jammies, 2 books then lights out. He did really well today - got right up in his bed and got ready to hear the story. His favorites are Harold and the Purple Crayon. He sleeps through the night most of the time now, maybe waking once. Sometimes he even puts himself back to sleep! He wakes up early though, usually around 6:30 or 7. I miss the old days when he'd sleep til 9! Then again, I don't get to sleep that long anymore anyway so I guess it wouldn't matter either way.
He's doing really well with colors, too. He knows green, blue, pink, white, black, red and yellow. He still says green first if you ask him what color something is but he usually gets it right on the second try.
He knows lots of shapes and is getting really good at the shape sorter and puzzles. He knows square, circle, triangle, heart, oval, rectangle, star, pentagon, hexagon, and diamond.
We had his check up today and he weighs 26 pounds 15.5 ounces. He is 34.5 inches tall. That puts him at average height and slightly below average weight. Not to worry, though. We are definately not starving the boy. He still eats a wide variety of food - although he's a lot more stubborn about when he'll eat it. Fortunately for us he prefers fruit to cake or cookies.
He got his Hep A vaccination and a hemoglobin test. He did NOT like being held down...I think he liked that less than the actual shot/finger stick. He didn't let the nurse put a band aid on either one until we held him down again. He screamed and screamed. Luckily he calmed down shortly after and was totally fine when we stopped on the way home for a smoothie (mmmm, Juice Shop!!)
Overall he's doing really well and is right on schedule for most things. He's polite and kind and such a good helper!

Such a busy weekend!!

Oliver turned 2 on Saturday!!!!

We had such a busy weekend that I didn't get a chance to post anything about it until now. Saturday we got up and went to RTG to show Judy and Jim the sling they got me. While we were there Oliver got a little bit of happy birthday cash. He gets so excited about money - he loves putting it in his pockets. Anyway, we hung out there for a while and then we came home and got a nap before Bob got home. When Bob did get home he was holding his head funny and couldn't move it. He was in a lot of pain so I told him to go to the doctor. He said he'd been like that for his last 2 calls and that he'd just try to tough it out. I got him the heating pad and he sat down on the couch. He couldn't move for an hour, at one point he was stuck and couldn't get up! Anyway, I finally convinced him to call his boss and tell him he was going to the urgent care to get checked. When he got home he told me the doctor said he had whiplash! I'm not sure how it happened but he has exercises to do and pain pills and muscle relaxers to take now. While he was gone Oliver, Wyatt and I left for Thomasville where we were meeting up with the Englands. After getting a bit lost we finally made it to the church. Everyone ooh'd and aaah'd over Wyatt. Oliver was a big boy and climbed up the ladder and went down the slide all by himself...lots of times. He was very well behaved, especially since he didn't really know anyone. He's usually pretty shy but he just ran right out into the yard and started playing ball with Reed (also 2, blonde curly hair..he was so cute!). I got to visit with Laura and Mama E and play with Isabella in between chasing him and feeding Wyatt...although Wyatt did get passed around a good bit. After a few hours Oliver was really hot (I had him in pants and long sleeves because it had rained earlier and was chilly but it was HOT when we got there) and we were allready to get home and check on poor crippled Daddy. Off we went, I only got lost once on the way home! Bob was tired and kind of groggy from the pills when we got home so we had an early night.

Sunday morning we had some breakfast and then I cleaned cleaned cleaned to get ready for the party. I made a cake and Bob got the ice cream and such from the store. We met Joe and Elizabeth and Isabell at the Greensboro Children's Museum around 1:30 and played and played until almost 3 I think. The museum also had free Ben and Jerry's ice cream that day! (I told Oliver it was for his birthday but it was really because it was Grandparent's day) Anyway around 3 we left to go back to the house and get things ready and told J&E to meet us there in about half an hour. We got home, Bob went back to the store to get sodas and napkins and plates and stuff and I finished up the cake and ordered the pizza. Boxy and Doreen (our neighbors) came by shortly after Bob went to the store and then after he got back Bob and Dolly showed up. Oliver got warmed up really quickly and was soon the center of attention. J&E came a bit later and Oliver and Isabell played together really well. Oliver was a very good sharer, even with his new toys. Anyway, we had pizza and cake and lots of good conversation!

For presents -

From Mim and Daddy - slide, magnadoodle, walkie talkies
From Nanny and Pappy - cash!
Rachael and Dave - puzzles and T shirt
Sarah and Greg - lots of clothes
Grampa Steve - pants and outfit
From Joe and Elizabeth - aquadoodle and pajamies
From Chris - two Thomas the trains, Diego multitool
Boxy and Doreen - legos
Digits and Ani - microscope, crab chips, flashing crab necklace

He was thrilled with everything and can hardly figure out what to play with first. I'm going to post the new things Oliver can do since he was one in a while but Bob has some reading to do first.

Bob is doing better, he can move his neck and head a little more. He doesn't have to go to physical therapy or stay out of work, although he is on restricted duty. He seems to be in less pain, too.