Friday, December 14, 2007

a trip to the park...

The weather was so nice that we had a picnic at the park. No jackets here! It was so warm and pretty. We went down by a little pond and looked around.

There were lots of geese. Once they spotted us they swam over to see if we had any food but we hadn't thought that far ahead so we didn't have any.

We also saw this Heron thing. It was really pretty, but this picture really isn't as good as I thought it was.

Oliver had fun throwing rocks and sticks in the water. We did this for a good while before heading out of there. What a nice day!
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

in the box...are you sure?

Mim, this box says "Christmas" Christmas really in the box? How'd it get in there? How very exciting!
open it open it open it! I want to see Christmas! I'll get in here one way or another! I can't seem to get my little fingers ..under...this...lid!

Waaaaah! Mim won't let me in the box! I want to see Christmas! Waaaaaaaaaah!

hey wait! the box is open! Look, inside, it's Christmas!

Hmmmm, what should I take out first? There's so many choices...Bags, bows, bulbs, all kinds of shiny pretty things. What a hard decision I have to make!

How about this sparkly tree!? It's soft and it's sparkly too. Just the right combination for a little boobah! I think I'll carry it around for a while.

OOOOOOH, there are two trees! Mim told me that Gramma made them. She did a good job! I feel like a giant in a tiny little forest! I like carrying these around and snuggling them.

Hey look, I found my ornament from last year! It has my picture in it and lots of cute animals. I can't wait to hang it on the tree ...when we get one. Can we get a tree, Mim? Pleeeeease?

ok, time to put it all back away until it's time to decorate. I can hardly wait!

Oliver and sticks...

Oliver found this stick and would not put it down! It made me a little nervous with him walking around with it, waving it in the air like a little madman but nothing bad happened and Bob and I were right there the whole time.

He got into Jasper's pile of leaves and just stood there gabbing away like he was making a very important speech. Of course, we paused to listen to what he had to say.

What could be better than one stick? TWO STICKS! One for each hand! Bob gave him the second one and off he went, excited as could be.

One last group shot to test out the timer. It seemed to work pretty well, and at the last second Oliver reached over to hug me. How cute!
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More pics...

Jasper spends half the day laying in this pile of leaves. He loves it! I don't know if it's because it insulates him or because he blends in so well or because it makes that crunchy leaf noise, but there he is.

Bob and Oliver (getting tickled) in the back yard.

Trying out the macro setting on the camera.
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Bob and Oliver play ball!

We went outside to play in the 70 degree weather yesterday. It was so sunny and nice that we didn't even need jackets! What in the world is going on?? (GLOBAL WARMING PERHAPS?) Aren't Bob and Oliver cute playing ball together? What a sweet Daddy to take time out of raking leaves so he can play with the little man.

Oliver is getting pretty good at rolling the ball back and forth. They did this for a few minutes before Oliver was up and off to find sticks and leaves and other things of interest.

One of the reasons we HAD to go outside, though, is to try out my NEW CAMERA! That's right, Santa came early and Bob was so excited that he let me open it yesterday. It's this one and I am just thrilled beyond words! It takes video WITH SOUND! It has about a million different settings that I haven't figured out yet. I'm so was the perfect gift!
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