Saturday, April 28, 2012


also from 2009

Oliver says


mooch (instead of smooch)

Quiet instead of Wyatt

Balg Eagle (when we read Panda Bear, Panda Bear what do you see? - I am hoping to video record this at some point because he's so funny with this book!)

Things I love about my boys:

found this in my drafts from 2009...


He wakes up and snuggles me, says good morning, tells me things. The morning is a good time for him.

He still likes hugs and 'mooches even though he's almost 3

He wants to know about everything and sometimes if he doesn't know he'll make something up.

He remembers everything and tells me about it later.

He waits up for me when I work late

He can spend hours playing with legos

He's so ticklish.


He's always happy.

He gets so proud of himself when he learns something new.

He's so strong!

When he's asleep he likes to be right next to me.

He doesn't need to be rocked to sleep - he just likes being held.

His smile is so sweet and he uses it so often.

I wish I had posted more

We found out about baby #2 back in October and I've been very slack about updating to keep track of her. She gave me terrible morning sickness the first trimester but not as bad as Oliver. She also gave me heartburn but again, not as bad as Oliver. She's been right on track for growth and always measured right for her due date of June 8th. She's healthy and hasn't had any problems. Even though she's still not turned head down I'm not worried. I have had to test my sugar with this pregnancy but only because I didn't take the glucose test this time. The boys are very excited and have named this baby Raddish Bottompocket. Oliver said we can call her Raddish because she will like raddishes.