Saturday, February 23, 2008

another pregnant blogger!

I just found out that Vladimir's mom is 8 weeks pregnant with baby #2!!

This is cool because now all Oliver's "birthday buddies" will have siblings right around the same time!

Daddy and Boobah

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Oliver playing, and my tax money treat...

Oliver has gotten really good at putting his stacking rings together. He's started picking them up in order instead of just grabbing whichever one is closest. Of course, putting them on the peg isn't the only use for them!

Here is a tower of blocks that Oliver built. He can usually stack 3 or 4 before he knocks them down. I'm trying to teach him the colors while we play with these. So far he says red and blue but I'm not sure he knows which is red and which is blue.

This is the treat that Bob and I got with our tax refund "fun money". We had the computer on an old (giant) table with a rickety old chair that tried to throw me out every time I sat in it. Now I have this pretty new desk, chair and printer/file cart! It looks so much better and fits better too. The office looks so much more open now!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

poor little sick boy...

Oliver is sick. It started out with a fever which, I think, was from the two canine teeth that are coming in. He was feverish and clingy for two days, then he got a cough. A horrible phlegmy cough. He isn't sleeping well, he doesn't want to eat very much. He doesn't have a fever anymore but he's still clingy and so miserable. He kind of lost his voice yesterday so he's all squeaky today. All he wants to do is snuggle and snuggle and snuggle. That's normally ok by me, I love snuggling, but he just coughs and coughs and it makes me so sad! He's asleep now, hopefully he'll sleep for a few hours before he wakes up again. Poor little guy, it breaks my heart. :-(