Friday, December 21, 2007

a little tiny update...

despite my crazy picture taking spree with my new camera, I'm not posting any pictures right now. (I know, I know...try to hold back your disappointment!)

Oliver can now recognize eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair, belly and foot.

Oliver can reach doorknobs, although he hasn't figured out how to open a door yet.

He's gotten really attatched to a little stuffed bear in a Carolina sweater. When he gets ready for a nap he'll bring it up on the futon and snuggle it while he goes to sleep. He also gives it smooches.

Oliver is very generous with hugs and smooches.

When Daddy comes home from work Oliver will stop whatever he's doing to go greet him. If he doesn't get picked up immediately he gets VERY upset! He loves his daddy.

Oliver has been very patient with me in the last few days while we've gone shopping. He is very calm and well behaved in the stores. He waves and talks to people a LOT, unless they talk to him first. He loves grabbing things and after a while doesn't like being in the stroller but he is pretty good about staying close to me if I let him walk around...most of the time.

He's gotten very FAST.

He likes putting things in the hamper. I did some laundry and left the hamper in the living room for a few days. Now it's full of toys and papers and socks and anything else he could get ahold of. He likes to lift up the lid and put it in and he ALWAYS puts the lid back down. EVERY TIME.

So that's Oliver lately. He's still not a good sleeper but he's doing better. He stays in his bed for hours at a time at night. he sleeps from about 8 to 7:30 usually, althought lately it's been 9 or 10 until 8.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!!