Thursday, September 04, 2008

4 wonderful years!!

Bob and I got married 4 years ago today! To celebrate we went out for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. We had a very yummy meal, although the service was lacking again. Anyway, it's been a wonderful 4 years!! Happy Anniversary, Snuggly Bunny Lovey Wuvey Sweety Hubby Bubby!!

Potty time!

Oliver has told me 4 times in the last 2 days that he had to go potty. Every time he does it's always poo, never just pee, but boy am I glad! Today he has diarrhea pretty badly so twice he went because he told me and once I caught him when he had just started going. Good thing I caught him because that would have been a leaky mess for sure!!

Great job, Oliver!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hard at work

Oliver helped Bob do some yardwork yesterday. He got out his rake and his wagon and picked up rocks and sticks before Bob mowed the lawn. He was a very good helper!
Here he is with the wagon and the watering can. I guess he watered my tomato and some other plants while he was out there. Bob didn't get any pictures of that as far as I can tell but he's super cute when he waters - even if he DOES spill it everywhere!
Oliver, what do you hear?! He's looking for an airplane. They are pretty loud where we are but they're usually too little to see. He always tries, though.

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Wearing Wyatt

A couple of people from work got together and gave me the money to order the Moby wrap I wanted! I ordered it Friday and got it today. I was so very excited!!! I tore the package open and tried it out right away. Wyatt is now sleeping peacefully while I do laundry, dishes and various other household tasks! I can't wait to try it out at a store - and show it to the people who got it for me. So far I love it love it love it!! (Wyatt is sleeping so soundly that he's not even squeaking!!)

Monday, September 01, 2008


Oliver has always had lots of nicknames. It's really hard not to call Wyatt the same names! I think it would probably upset Oliver, though, since those are HIS names. Anyway, here are the nicknames for both boys:

Oliver - Boobah, Super Spud, Buddy, Bug, Little Man

Wyatt - Super Why, Little Dude, Little Fat (I know, I know...but right now he doesn't know the difference)

**I forgot Wyatt's main nickname - Squeaker! We call him that because he is always making noise, even in his sleep!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The train!!

We went to Spencer today to see the trains. There's a transportation museum down there - they're having Thomas the Train there at the end of September. Anyway, we got there and bought tickets for the train ride. Oliver ran all over the train while we were waiting.

He was so excited to be on the train. He waved at everyone out the window (almost no one waved back, bunch of poopy heads) and pointed out every train we passed. The conductor stopped to punch our tickets and talked to Oliver for a bit. Oliver didn't talk back to him, he looked super scared! Toward the end he did say a few things but mostly he just had a blank stare. Silly boy!

The train whistle blew and this was Oliver's reaction every time. He'd make this little face and then gasp. It was so cute! Bob was doing it in this picture, too. They both liked the train whistle. Wyatt didn't - it woke him up and he was very upset!

This is one of the engines we saw. We couldn't go in it but you could walk right up and touch it. It was pretty impressive to stand next to the huge thing. Bob explained to Oliver a little about how it worked...where the steam came from and how that made it go. Needless to say Oliver was just impressed that it was a train engine - I'm not sure how much of the lesson sunk in. He did learn the word "engine" though.

As a souvenier we got some patches for our collection and a squished penny with a train on it. Oliver liked turning the big handle to make the penny. This was probably the coolest penny machine I ever saw - it was shaped like the front of a train. I didn't have the camera with me when we did it (Bob had gone to the car to change Wyatt) or I would have taken a picture of it. Overall we had a good time even though it was HOT and a lot of walking. We might go back to see Thomas. This was a good pre-birthday treat for Oliver!
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A few things I forgot...

Oliver is really good at the shape sorter - he knows circle, square, triangle, star, heart, hexagon, pentagon, and wedge. He can usually get them in the holes with no trouble.

If you ask Oliver what a heart is for he says "luuuuuuuv" cute!

I weighed myself today and I'm 121...only 6 more pounds to go until I'm back to prepregnancy weight! That's with eating constantly...and eating pancakes and brownies and cookies and pizza and all kinds of not very good for me stuff. Breastfeeding really DOES get you back down quick.

I can't wait to get my sling! Once we get it I'll be able to take Wyatt and Oliver out for walks and to parks and stuff during the day. I can't really do it very easily now because Oliver isn't very good at following directions and I can't chase after him with the GIANT stroller we have for Wyatt.

Wyatt likes to stand in my lap. He stretches his legs out until they are on my legs and then he puts all his weight on them. His legs are really strong. He can do it for about 20 or 30 seconds at a time...pretty impressive for 3 weeks, I think.