Wednesday, February 09, 2011

my play dough

a little man...

by request - a mommy snake with two little boy snakes

a happy flower that Wyatt wouldn't put down.
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Oliver play dough fun!

Oliver made a popsicle and an ice cream cone...

He decided to try it...but luckily didn't actually lick it. ew!

This is Oliver with his first attempt at a snake. I was showing him how to roll the dough out so it gets longer and longer. Then he just kept going and making his snake longer and longer and longer. What fun! We did this for about an hour before they ran out of steam.
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play dough fun!

Wyatt started out being silly with the can...

then he made spaghetti so I made him some meatballs to go with it.

then churros...

and I think that was a snake. or maybe a bird? I can't remember now.
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The tree...

I don't think I posted these when it was finished. This is the tree that I made to cover Oliver's window. I spent hours and hours cutting out those leaves! There are five different colors in two sizes. After I cut them all out I had to lay them out and glue them together then figure out how to hang it. We ended up just sticking it to the wall with double-sided tape. Anyway, it keeps out the light and the cold so both boys sleep longer. Oliver has only been scared once since I hung it up. AND it looks pretty. There are little flowers and bugs on the leaves. At some point I'm going to make a hole with some owls in it for the trunk. Poor Wyatt doesn't really have anything to look at so I asked him what he wanted and he picked owls.

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