Monday, February 21, 2005

Various stuff

Over the years I've started collecting various things like salt and pepper shakers, postcards, squished pennies, monkeys, etc. Well I suppose the latest thing is patches. When Bob was in Texas he got a bunch of patches from the state parks there, and I have gotten some from around here. Museums and aquariums and zoos usually have them too. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but I have quite a few now. Maybe I will sew them all to something and hang it on the wall when we move to our new house. Eventually maybe I'll have a whole room covered with patches from all over the place!

That reminds me, I will be moving into a townhome in April. The rent is going up, but so is the square footage! There are three bathrooms and we will have a guest bedroom finally! and a garage! We definately don't have enough furniture to fill the thing, but that's ok, we'll figure something out. I'm really excited because we'll have space to have dinner parties and things. Also, the closet in the master bedroom is huge! It's almost like another whole room. I can't wait to get in there and get organized.

The puppy has to go to the vet today to get his booster shot for some doggy disease. He had a tick the other day. It was nasty! Bob had me hold him down and he pulled it out with some pliers. Ticks are disgusting! I guess it's warm enough now to put him on flea and tick meds.

I had a very pleasant dream about a picnic and opening a library last nite. I was wearing a red dress, and when I went in to check on everything there was a bunch of mail for me. When I opened it there was a bunch of packets of seeds. I was very excited in the dream and woke up feeling very happy and energetic. According to a picnic means a joyful and tranquil domestic life. red is the color of energy and passion, a library symbolizes the search for knowledge and hunger for ideas, and seeds mean new ideas and new experiences. Sounds like a very positive dream!

Ok so I'm off to spend a few hours with my hubby before I have to go to work.

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