Monday, July 18, 2005

Vacation Day 1

We got to the beach before anyone else so the house was not unlocked. We got out our swimsuits and went down to the beach to check the place out. It was so pretty and the water was very warm. We were walking along in the waves but then decided to go in. The water was rough and I got dunked a few times, but once we got past the break it was great! Everyone else started to show up at the house about an hour later and we all hung out the rest of the day.

Vacation Day 2

We got up early because we were in the loft and the sun was shining in from all directions. Bob went on a bike ride with his dad and some others, I hung out at the house and ate breakfast and watched TV with the kids. When Bob got back we went to the beach again and this time Bob got on the boogie board, but I wasn't brave enough yet. We stayed out there until about 2 when we met everyone back at the house for lunch. After we finished lunch we went shopping at all the little beach stores. We didn't buy anything but it was fun to look. We got back late and just relaxed and stuff till we went to bed.

Vacation Day 3

We got up early again and headed down to the beach until about 12. We ordered pizza for lunch then headed out to Wilmington to spend the day shopping there. We had a good time and by the time we had been in all the shops we were tired and starving! We went to a resaurant called "Front Street Restaurant" and what a nice place it was! Bob had a burger and I had a salmon sandwich. The waiter (Colin, who looked just like Bill) was very nice and made sure we had everything we needed. We were seated in a "secret booth". It was kind of back in the corner around the side so that it was very secluded. I don't think they meant for it to be that way, but that's what we named it. When we got back Sara dyed my hair back to natural colour and then we went to bed.

Vacation Day 4

We got up and went to the beach again! This time I got on a boogie board too and Bob taught me how to do it. We swam around a bit, then Angie and I fortified the "family sand castle" (which lasted until we left, i think we might have done this day 3, not sure) We didn't eat lunch until about 4:30 because Brenda spent all day making delicious mexican food. We stuffed ourselves silly and then Katelyn put blondish red highlights in my hair while I looked at pictures from Brenda's vacation to Washington (to visit her son) and Las Vegas (to visit a friend)

Vacation Day 5

We got up and went for a bike ride. We rode 8.2 miles!!! After that we got on the boat and tried out the kneeboard. I got up on it and rode for a little way but that uses EVERY muscle in your body!! Bob tried to get up on it but he is too tall and so it didn't work. We tried the tube after that and it was fun too. When we were done we packed up and headed back home.

Vacation Day 6

I got up and was going to finish unpacking and clean up the house a little but Rachael called and wanted me to come up to Asheville for a few days. Off I went leaving my poor husband to fend for himself. I hung out with Sarah some when I got there because Rachael was working, then I hopped over to Rachaels and we played Empire Earth for a while, (before or after?) we ate dinner.

Vacatoin Day 7

We got up early and met Mom and Dale at Cracker Barrel (and sarah and delilah) where we all ate drank and were merry. Then Rachael and I went shopping in two very sorry malls (although i did run into two people I knew a few years ago that remembered me!!) Then we went back to the house and I played Dave at Empire Earth (he kicked my butt too) then it was back home.

Misc stuff that I can't remember when it happened

Brenda, Sara, Katelyn and I played Senior Moments twice. I won the first one and Brenda won the second one.

Sunday I was supposed to go back to work but I went in and they didn't need me so I left again! Hooray for an extra day of vacation!

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