Saturday, September 17, 2005


We signed our lease yesterday and finally got the keys to our new apartment! We call it our "married house" because it's the first place we've gotten since we've been married. (heehee) Anyway, we went in and looked around and it's very nice. It's going to take some serious adjustment to go from a 3 bedrooms to one. We started moving stuff in today and so far we've gotten the kitchen mostly set, and everything else is still in boxes stacked in the bedroom. We haven't moved any big stuff yet (bed, sofa, tables, etc) but we are going to do that on Monday.

When we first went in and were looking around we found a welcome bag! It had a bunch of nifty stuff like coupons, magnets, a pen, a roll of paper towels, some candy bars, a bag of chips...and in the fridge was a 6 pack of assorted sodas. There was also a magnet on the fridge that had a part with all those words you break up and can make your own sentences/poetry.

Anyway, we were moving in...VERY hot work, and wwe turned off the air and opened the window (yes, there's only one, it's in the bedroom) and the screen door (that leads to the porch) and it still stayed very cool in there. Yay! One more way to save on the electric bill!

We took two carloads over then went to home depot and got some shelf liners and went back. We forgot the scissors so we didn't put the liners in yet but next time we go we will. After we unpacked a bunch of stuff we had a little picnic in the living room of pizza (cold because we didn't bring the microwave) and blue gatorade. Very yummy!

Oh, I think I forgot to mention...since this is our "married house" the first time we went into it Bob carried me over the threshold...teehee! He's such a sweetie!

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