Thursday, October 06, 2005

Christmas list...

I'm not sure what happened to the list I put up before but here's a list. I'll be adding more as I think of it.


hair clips/ponytails, etc
Drawer organizer
gift certificate to old navy
crochet books (easy/beginner)
Smartware muffin pan
Plastic serving spoons
word puzzle books

things I don't want:

anything that will sit around and collect dust (statues/figurines/decorative)
anything edible (candy/cake/sausage/cheese)


Audubon Society books
belt buckles
gift certificate to lowe's or home depot


Rawhide chews (non dyed only)
rubber/latex toys (I can't chew these up into tiny pieces)
Bill & Jack treats (i like lamb flavor)

Things I can't have:

Anything soft or stuffed
anything edible that has dye
anything with a squeeker (I tend to chew them out and try to choke on them)

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