Tuesday, August 22, 2006

this weekend...

What a hectic weekend we had! I worked until 9 on Friday, then had to go to K-Mart to exchange the oil filter for the Galoot since I got the wrong size. We had to change the oil in the Galoot because we had a lot of driving planned for the next few days. Once we got home from that it was already late and Bob had to finish changing the oil and put on the new battery connecter thingy since the other one broke when he was trying to clean off all the corrosion. By the time we got to bed it was around midnight. I was exhausted, and wasn't feeling very well either. In fact, I was downright miserable and feeling like I might throw up. Luckily after a few Rolaids and some Popsicles I was able to get to sleep.
Morning came really early, and though we had planned to leave around 8 or 8:30 we ended up leaving around 9:45. We drove for 4 hours, with only 1 stop, I think...maybe 2. It wasn't a bad ride, and I didn't end up sleeping during any of it. When we got to WV we went straight to the WV state fair, which just so happens to be in Lewisburg. The first place we went was in the craft building. There are always so many neat things in there. Bob took a picture of a huge pumpkin on his phone; I'll try to post it later. There were quilts and clothes and things that people had made too. As we were walking around we were looking for the afghan that Mammaw made for Bob since she said she was going to enter it. We finally found it on the top tier of about the 3rd row we walked down. To our suprise there was a first place ribbon hanging from it!! We were very impressed, and Bob even got a little misty. Anyway, then we walked around looking at the animals and enjoying the general atmosphere of the fair. I got some cotton candy and we had a fabulous smoothie. Bob got me a charm for my necklace (a turtle made from multicoloured tiger's eye) Bob had a grape snowcone while I drank a delicious bottle of water. We hung around there for about 3 hours, which was really fun, but really hot! After we left there we went to the first shower of the weekend. We hung out with Cheryl, Kelsie, Jordyn, Angie, Ethan, Timothy, Mammaw, Bob Sr, Dolly, Ladona, Amaya, Morgan, Birch, Gretchen, Indigo, Chris, and Kate and Kerrigan (who came all the way from Montana!). There were some games and some fabulous food!! I can't wait to post pictures of the game the guys played. I didn't bring the camera so I don't have any, and the story isn't the same unless you can see it. Anyway, we had a fabulous time with all of them. By the time it was over I was so tired I could barely stand it. Since Kate was in town and he hardly ever gets to see her, Bob wanted to go to dinner with her and Chris. We went to a Mexican restaurant and ate until we were all stuffed...Chris even ordered some fried ice cream, which we all shared. After that Chris and Kate and Kerrigan went back to Chris's house, and Bob and I went to Birch's. We hung out with Gretchen and her sister, and I got to ask a lot of questions about pregnancy and labor. I was very excited to talk to Gretchen since she had a very similar birth to what I would like to have. She said I should definitely get the Group B Strep test, it was one of the few she actually had. That made up my mind even more than anything else probably would have. We talked about plans for after the baby and she gave me some tips...Indigo is about 6 months so I'm sure it's all very fresh in her mind. We went to bed at about 10:30...I could barely keep my eyes open.
We had plans to leave there around 10, but that didn't work out. Bob woke me up and said that he and the guys were going to go for a walk, so I stayed in bed for a little longer. When I went down Gretchen and her sister (Tracy?) were starting to make breakfast. I hung out in the kitchen with them for a while, then I started to feel not very well. I went back up to the bedroom and laid down...the next thing I knew Bob was waking me up telling me that we needed to get moving! I felt a little better, so I got up and packed up our stuff. Bob decided that even though it was almost 10 that we should have breakfast before we left. I was very glad he decided that. There were apple pancakes, sausage, bacon, and a frittata. I only had 1 pancake and 3 sausages, but it was so good! I did try a little bit of the frittata (which was egg with tomato, onion, mushrooms). Everything tasted so good, and the conversation was fabulous. Pretty soon we realized that it was 11:30!!!! We grabbed the last of our stuff and headed out the door.
Bob had his laptop so we mapped our route to Rachael's house with it and off we headed down the mountains. It rained a lot and we had to make a few more pit stops than we anticipated, but we were only a little bit late for the Asheville shower. It was supposed to be at 4:30, we got there at almost 5. (sorry, Rach) Anyway, when we got there Bob and Dave went off to do guy things while us girls (Rachael, Mama, Sarah, Gramma, and Aunt Sandy) got down to eating some delicious stuff. Mama had made mini chicken enchiladas (my recipe), and there were frozen chocolate covered strawberries and bananas, chips and salsa, cocktail weenies, caramel apples, cookies shaped like baby carriages, and a big cake. Oh yeah, and some delicious punch. Anyway we ate and chatted and stuff, then we played some games. Rachael had come up with some seriously funny games, and great prizes! I'll have to describe them later because I'm getting tired and this post is really long! Anyway, after a while we finished the games and food and Bob and Dave came back. We hung out for a little while longer, but then it was time to go. We drove the 3 hours back to Greensboro, getting home at just about midnight. I was so tired that I just went straight to bed. I slept until almost 11, which was pure bliss. I haven't slept like that for so long.
Monday we spent the day driving around and looking at houses. We started with a list of 18 and got it down to 2. Of course, that's just the ones in Greensboro...we still have Winston, High Point, Eden, King, Reidsville, etc etc...but at least we narrowed it down some. When we got home we just layed around like bums for a while, then we packed some boxes. That's right, even though we don't have to move for another month and a half we started packing. We figure it's a good idea to get ahead that way if the raisin comes early or something then we won't have to panic and rush and exhaust ourselves.

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