Friday, September 01, 2006


we went yesterday with our real estate agent to look at some houses. We only looked at 3, but we eliminated 2 of them pretty quickly. The first one looked like it was from the 60's and looked haunted too. The second one was pretty good. Right now a little old couple lives there, and they smoke so it stinks. The carpet is teal. Other than that everything looked good. The rooms were decent sizes, there are 1.5 bathrooms, the kitchen had a fair amount of counter space. Plus it's a 3 bedroom which means that we won't have to put the computer in the bedroom! It had a big fenced in back yard for Jasper too. The third house we looked at was horrible. The carpet had holes in it, as did the walls. The pool (which we didn't really want) was NASTY. The master bath had a shower with no door. The rooms were huge though, and the kitchen was, too. If it wasn't so torn up we would have liked it a lot. So anyway, we like our realtor. He was really honest about the places we looked at. He even showed me how to make sure the bathrooms were ok (check the pipes, toilet, shower, etc). He gave us a list of other houses he thinks we might like so I'm going to try to check those out on listing book later today.

Our 2 year anniversary is coming up in a few days! I'm so excited!!! Since it's labor day this year I'll have to work! I think I have Tuesday off though, and so does Bob so we can just celebrate then for the whole entire day. I don't know what we're going to do, but I'm sure it will be fun.

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