Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oliver's birthday list...

For anyone wanting to get Oliver a birthday present, here's what he wants:

Clothes in size 12M or 18M (preferably warm/winter)
Peek a Blocks or Roll Arounds
stackable cups/bowls
shape sorter
Little People (doesn't have to be a set)
Books: Harold and the Purple Crayon, Dr. Seuss beginning beginner books, Spot, Mr. Men - board books with bright pictures or cloth books (email me to see which ones he already has)
Toy cars/trucks
smock like bibs (not Sesame Street, but this is the style)
a drum/bongo (or other musical instrument like tamborine, xylophone, maracas)

What he doesn't want:
Stuffed animals - he doesn't care for them and he has tons!
anything musical/loud - he gets bored with it too quickly

I'll be adding to the list as I think of more stuff so check back for more ideas.

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