Monday, July 16, 2007

We're back!

What an interesting and exhausting week!

Wednesday morning we packed up half the house (at least that's the way it seemed) and headed up to WV to visit Bob's family. We were going to leave around noon but ended up leaving at 10:30ish instead because Oliver got up early and didn't go back to sleep. We stopped a few times to stretch our legs and have a snack - which got us there around 4. We had dinner (spaghetti, salad, homemade applesauce, then butternut pound cake and jello for dessert) with Mammaw, Pappy and Aunt Brenda and then played and talked for a while before heading to bed.
When we woke up we ate a BIG breakfast (eggs, sausage, biscuits) and hung out for a while before heading over to Birch and Gretchen's to visit. We spent the whole afternoon there playing outside in the big beautiful sunny yard. Indigo (their daughter) played in the pool but the water was too cold for Oliver to get in. We had a picnic on the front lawn, saw two cows, two giant pigs, lots of chickens and one baby lamb, had a fire, and generally relaxed and had a good time. After that we went back to Pappy's house where Brenda had made delicous Mexican food. Yum! I stuffed myself silly! Oliver got to try refried beans and rice for the first time. (this turned out badly the next day!!)
Friday morning we got up and had breakfast and went back to Birch's for more visiting and a lot of playing. Bob helped Birch paint the porch while Gretchen and I played with the kids. She made some Avacado for lunch and Oliver tried it for the first time. He liked it (of course) We left there around 3 to go to Asheville. It was supposed to take us about 5 hours to get there but we ended up getting there around 9 because of some tire issues. Everything turned out ok though and we played with Gramma and Grampa for a while before we went to bed. We were soooo tired!
Saturday morning we got up and went out to the resort to hang out with everyone at the reunion. We all hung out at the pool for a while before eating lunch (burgers, dogs, bbq, potatoes, beans, salad, potato salad). Oliver tried cornbread and beans for the first time. After that we all got back in the pool (Oliver too!) for a while. Bob and I stuck around for a while and then went back to Mom's to take a nap. We slept for 2 hours - and we needed it!
When we woke up we headed over to Aunt Jain's for game night. Bob hung out with the guys downstairs playing PS2 while the women played Yahtzee! for a while. We all ordered pizza and stuffed ourselves silly again. It got really late (10) and so we left (we stayed with my Mom). Oliver ended up crying until midnight before he finally fell asleep, only to wake up a few hours later and cry for 30 more minutes. None of us got much sleep but we got up Sunday morning and went to breakfast at Highland Lake - it was yummy!! After that we went back to Mom's to get another nap but only Bob slept. Oliver refused to go to sleep so he just played with Gramma. Around noon we packed everything up and went over to Aunt Jain's again where everyone was eating lunch. I was still full from breakfast but I gave Oliver some more corn muffin (he loved them). We hung out until about 3 and then headed home. We got home around 6:30 and Bob unloaded the car while Oliver and I played. Bob spent a good bit of time in the garage playing with his new table saw. (I forgot to mention that Pappy gave Bob some of his old tools - a table saw, a belt sander, a palm sander and a planer) Oliver went to sleep at 8, he was so tired, and Bob and I followed at 10. Oliver woke up every two hours the whole night...grrrrrr!

There are pictures but I have to find the camera and get them on the computer so I'll post them as soon as I can.

New things Oliver is doing since we left:
waving (mostly hello, sometimes goodbye)
feeding himself with a spoon

New foods Oliver tried:
refried beans
baked beans

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