Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We chopped down a tree!

There was a tree between our yard and our neighbor's that was making big cracks in the yard. Bob decided it was time for it to go so we all got into our yardwork clothes and went out. Bob used the chainsaw to cut it down. Oliver and I were far enough away for the tree not to fall on us, but we felt a BIG gust of wind when it came down.
Oliver helped cut the logs up into smaller pieces to be bundled up for the trash pickup. Of course he didn't get to hold the (tiny) saw without Daddy's help, but he had fun!
After we were done he played in the wood chips. He just sat there for the longest time picking them up and dropping them.
I love this shot, I don't know why. Just look how CUTE he is!

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Mess Hazel Mom said...

Cool! Next time you all come to my house, Bob can bring his chain saw...I have about 12 small trees I need to get down. We can have a timber! Party!

Mess Hazel Mom said...

He looks like The Tree Whisperer!